Your Business – Keep making progress by getting an ATTITUDE!

When you’re running your own business, do you sometimes wonder why things are going slower than you planned?

Do you have a ready excuse for why you’re not making the progress you hoped when you first started out?

Have you found things come up that get in the way of you doing the work you need to get done?

If you’ve struggled with any of these issues or questions then don’t worry! They’re all perfectly normal and thousands of other business owners are facing the same challenges.

Here’s a very quick tip to help get you back on the right road and getting all those ‘To Do’ items crossed off your list.

‘Show me the money’

‘Just do it’

‘Take no prisoners’

These are all well known motivational or movie quotes that are all about attitude. But inspirational or motivational posters, mugs or facebook posts are no help to anyone on a day to day basis unless the person who has them does something!

However good your toolkit,
your business, your investment capital or your product ideas – if you have the
wrong attitude and working practises your business is almost certain to run into difficulties or even fail. You need to face facts, change things yourself and make sure how you work and how you run your business works for your customers, your family, your available resources in terms of time, money and skills but above all else that it works for YOU.

‘I’m owed it’

‘Customers must be stupid not to be buying what I offer’

‘All I’ve got to do is buy another XX’

These are some of the most common excuses for failing businesses who look to pass the problem with the business itself and how it is run onto someone else.

In the old days the terms ‘Attitude’ and ‘Application’ used to be described
as ‘hard work’, ‘graft’ or ‘effort’. Unfortunately for all the powers brought to
us by computers – we’ve yet to see a Gandalf or Harry Potter who can make
actually things happen by magic.

You could win the lottery for overnight wealth and we all know about those
get rich quick schemes that only make millionaires out of those making the

Building a successful business takes time and application, the right tools, but above all the right attitude.

In reality the most successful people we’ve ever met are those who’ve put in the hours of
effort and hard work, taken risks and made decisions. The smart ones have found tools and software that can
lighten the load or enabled them to do their hard work more efficiently.

As you build your business there are bound to be problems and it’s soooo easy
to give up, blame others or go watch a movie instead. BUT (with apologies to
Kipling’s famous poem)-

IF you can get ideas for your business

IF you can get the right tools

IF you can gain some knowledge

IF you can set up a long term plan

IF you can build a business


Be patient

Be committed

Be focussed

Believe in your ideas and yourself

Then you will be one of the few that success will come to and your world will be a better place my friend.

Good luck – and remember, if you get stuck or need an answer just ask on the forum.

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