What’s inside a Dr Nitch Niche Analysis Pack

Dr Nitch’s Niche Analysis Packs each contain:


Part 1 – Niche Analysis

Customer Needs – who might be suitable customers for products in the niche and what would the triggers be that would interest them to buy your niche product

Target Markets – of all the available customer groups which are the ones in the niche that Dr Nitch recommends targeting products and services for?

Market Watch – comparison graphs to see how the niche market stacks up against similar markets. Is it a market to consider or are there others more attractive?

Niche Rating – Our rating and recommendations about the niche and what it may offer the niche marketer in the short and long term.

Affiliate Suggestions – Links to affiliate product sources and products that would be suitable for you to use within the niche as a quick and easy way to test the market at low cost.

Product ideas – each niche report includes a minimum of 10 niche specific product ideas suitable for further development. These are not just simplistic generic ideas such as ‘develop an ebook’ but niche specific customer targeted suggestions based on our proprietary research and analysis ready for you to take forward. Our product ideas contain ideas for content, format, branding, use and distribution.

Part 2 – Niche Research

Niche indicators – What does the Dr Nitch niche research database and analysis reveal about the niche and how can you make use of our findings within your own business?

Bookmarks & Social Networking – How popular is the niche on social networking and bookmarking sites and what is being discussed and rated? What conversations should you be playing a part in?

Video & Podcasts – Are there many ‘how to’ or information videos and podcasts about the niche. What do they cover and are they general or actually focused on the niche?

Blogs – What are the top blogs in the niche and why?

Discussion Forums & Groups – How many active discussion forums and groups exist in the niche and what are they and what do they specialize in?

Magazines – Which specialist magazines or periodicals does the niche support and what do they offer to readers in the niche

Articles – What articles are available in the niche, how popular are they and what opportunities exist for new material?

Books – What are the most popular books in the niche and why?

Keywords – Each Niche Research report contains analysis of the keywords used in the niche based on the results from the array of keyword analysis tools our research team uses

Adverts – To see how others are approaching the niche, each report includes sample adverts that are running on the paid for networks.

Top sites – Which are the top sites that rank for the niche market. What are they and what are the secrets of their success?

Part 3 – Market Watch

Market Trends – what major external factors such as Politics or Technology will influence the niche in the future and how could you react?

Customer Trends – how might changes in wider customer behavior and attitudes such as migration or language impact on the niche and your business in the future?

Market Watch – how does the niche compare to other markets? Would you be entering a market that is on the up, in a downward spiral or simply flat lining?

Complementary Markets – what other niche markets complement or extend the market under review? What other related markets exist that you could access?

Positioning Maps -Where should you position your niche marketing offer? Which customer groups could you going target and why?

Part 4 – Product Development Action Plan

Project Plan – Step by step development plan to help you take the Analysis pack and turn it into your own range of niche marketing products in the niche quickly, easily and cheaply

Worksheets – Worksheets and checklists to complete to help you ensure you complete all the steps required to deploy your own niche marketing product

Suggested Resources – Specific niche marketing resources to use within the niche

Templates – Templates to ease your product development and deployment to market

Customer Survey – Survey resource pack with pre-designed survey to enable you to quickly assess customer needs in the niche

Outsourcing Resource Pack – Set of pre-prepared outsource briefing documents to help ease the process of recruiting and briefing outsource writers, researchers and designers for your niche business development.

Review Voucher – Single use product review voucher which will allow you to have your niche product or service reviewed from top to bottom by Dr Nitch who will then provide a written checklist of suggested alterations, improvements or actions we feel you need to complete,

Call in Coupon – Call in coupon enabling you to schedule a one on one teleseminar with Dr Nitch to talk about any issues or problems you are having with your niche business development,

Part 5 – Niche Research Resource Files

Keyword Data Pack – Text and Excel files of keywords for the niche, complete with analysis of competition and popularity. This will show you the current keywords and phrases that are popular and where you would face the stiffest competition.

Article Swipes – Article resource and swipe files collated from existing articles published. These will give you a swipe resource and research bank to become an expert on the niche and fuel the content for your own publications

Competitor Analysis – A competitor review providing you with key facts and data on who your key competitors in the niche are and where they are focused allowing you to better target your own niche marketing product.

Part 6 – Niche Product Resource Files

Headline Ideas – Professionally prepared headlines and sub-headlines for titles or product descriptions produce by Dr Nitch’s copywriting team. These are ready for you to split test and experiment with or use as the basis for your own ideas.

Product & Brand name ideas – Suggested product and brand names to help you develop and define the name for your product and the domain used to promote your niche business

Glossary – Draft A to Z of common terminology from the niche so that you can fast track your authority in the niche by publishing your own text, audio or video niche glossary

Adverts – Sample copy for use as the basis for your own promotional campaigns. This will include Text link Ads, Forum and email signature adverts and text adverts.

Artwork – Professionally prepared artwork for you to use or adapt for your own sites and products. All files are supplied as layered Photoshop files making it easy for you to change any element of the artwork to suit your own needs. The artwork pack includes:

  • Site Buttons
  • Product Covers
  • Header Artwork
  • Banner Ads

WordPress Themes – Professionally prepared WordPress Themes enabling you to build a niche focused WordPress Blog without having to worry about finding a niche specific blog theme.

Email Series x 3 – Three full email series for each product that you can take and use however you wish as your own auto responder series

Book product – A full book product that you can take and use however you wish as your own product. Includes 1 x Book product with Private Label Rights

Audio product – A full audio product that you can take and use however you wish as your own product. Each Analysis Pack includes 1 x Audio product with Private Label Rights

Video product – A full video product that you can take and use however you wish as your own products Each Analysis Pack includes 1 x Video product with Private Label Rights

Sales Copy – Professionally written squeeze page and sales letter copy for the three products included within each pack

Promotional Materials

  • 9 Articles (3 per product)
  • 9 Blog Posts (3 per product)
  • 9 Banner Ads (3 per product)
  • 9 Promotional Videos (3 per product)

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