Web Site Creation – Giving your niche product sites the ‘look’

What are the six most important website design elements you need to make your niche product site a success and create the perfect ‘look’?

In this article we talk about how to ensure you cut through the techno babble and use the six key features offered by all the most successful sites that should always be included in your own niche site designs.

1) Contact information

Don’t be secret – customers don’t trust sites that hide who they are from and trust is a KEY part of the buying process. So give your visitors a real email address and a proper business footnote with name, address and owner. These days having such contact and business information is actually a requirement of payment processors or regulators.

2) Extras

All the best sites offer visitors something in return for a purchase, filling out a form or a survey or accessing the main sales page. Offering something in return for nothing that is of real value – not some tired or antique report – will make visitors more likely to either return or to go ahead and buy from you. At the very least you will have started to form a relationship with your potential customers and given them a reason to come back.

3) Key points

Do you hide your information in a wall of text or do you

Make it

Very easy

For people

To get to

The real information and offer?

Don’t hide your best information away amongst paragraphs of copy – use short sharp headlines, introductory sentences and bullet points to deliver your best information in the quickest way possible. Or better still share all this vital and important stuff about your business in a short video.

Using proper navigation to guide your visitors will also help to build interest, keep visitors browsing your offer and increase the probability of a successful sale. Proper navigation is also a key requirement of most search engines these days too.

4) Headlines

Read all about it! – Like billions of others around the world – when you pick up a paper or a magazine you tend to look at the headlines first and then choose which articles or features to read in detail.

If you want your site to become a best seller you need to structure your words into a natural waterfall of reading using Headlines, Sub heads and highlighted paragraphs to direct your readers eyes to key points – to lead them to the words you want them to see first.

By adopting the tactics of the mass market dailies you’ll get better usage of your site and more customers who buy the products you offer.

5) Customer feedback

Testimonials from customers are more precious than finding an oil field under your back yard!

Having real customers, with real web sites or real photos is a massive draw to potential customers and simply blows away the distrust and caution barricades.

So do everything you can to get real testimonials from real people. Try not to use the same guru’s everyone else uses as customers know they are not real customers – and whatever you do don’t make a testimonials up! Regulators like the FTC take a VERY dim view of false or inflated testimonials so if in doubt don’t put them on your site.

Your testimonials should outline real benefits, real solutions and real answers to problems others may have – so they are attracted to getting a solution for you or your business as well.

6) Guarantees

Lots of people are still wary of buying online because they’ve heard scare stories of Ebay rip offs, online scams or empty ebooks.

You can overcome this caution by offering a no holds barred, no questions, no hassle immediate refund guarantee. Research amongst those who offer a guarantee shows it has a massive positive impact on sales and little impact on eventual refunds.

So bear these key areas in mind and make sure your next site or blog or even Facebook page has the ‘look’.

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