Using You Tube To Check Your Niche Ideas

You Tube has taken over from many of our previous niche evaluation tools as a key part of the niche review and selection process. On You Tube you can now find a huge range of videos on almost any subject which makes it an ideal niche evaluation tool.

To test out your potential niche ideas all you need to do is go to You Tube and enter into the main search window your niche name or phrase and review the results that appear.

Google owns You Tube so a lot of Google’s search tools and techniques need to be used for video searches too. So I’ve found with this test that the best results are generated by putting speech marks round your niche word or phrase.


So for the niche of Bass Fishing you would go to You Tube using this link You Tube Test. Then do a search for your niche word or phrase which for the sample niche of Bass Fishing would require “Bass Fishing” to be entered into the You Tube search box.


The key things to look for are how many videos are there for your niche and how many views they’ve received. For “Bass Fishing there were just under 60,000 videos when we ran the test.

Once you’ve seen how many videos there are take a look and add up how many views the top five videos have received.

To check your potential niches using the You Tube Selection Tool you need to identify how popular each idea is. In this particular niche check you are looking to see if other people are actively adding and viewing videos about the niche.

Quite simply, if the number of videos or views is low then the niche may not be the one to take forward while if EITHER number is high then the niche can stay on your “potentials” list.

Review Niche Results

When I analyzed some of our test niche markets within You Tube these results emerged:


Video Numbers

 Video Views

 Aromatherapy    10,000 videos   331k views
 Dog Diets     35 videos     1k views
 Scrapbooking  49,500 videos     564k views
 Dog Training     45,500 videos    1.6m views

Niche Results Analysis

Using our long run niche analysis benchmarks the results from our test niches using You Tube’s video listings generated these results:

Dog Diets is not looking like a niche topic to take forward based on the video results. As video is now so popular for people to share and talk about their interests these results show there is not enough interest to justify spending time and money on the niche before considering others.

Scrapbooking, Dog Training and Aromatherapy all look good potential niches based on the volume of videos published on You Tube.

Given the volume and variety of videos there are plenty of opportunities to specialize in different areas of each market following further research. For example, in markets such as Rescue Dog Training or Aromatherapy Massage.

The You Tube test for your niches is one of the most crucial to carry out in your niche selection process BUT PLEASE do not just rely on the results of just one test. Do as many of the different tests as you can before committing yourself to a particular market.

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