Using Yahoo Answers To Find Niche Business Ideas

Yahoo Answers is a very popular site for ordinary people looking for answers and for you the good news it that it also contains a lot of free niche ideas research information.

The site works because normal folks can post a question free of charge and then other helpful people will come along and provide answers.

To start looking around Yahoo Answers for niche ideas just visit Yahoo Answers


People from all over the world with different cultures, languages and ages use Yahoo answers to find and give answers to questions and problems people have.

I like using Yahoo Answers a lot for niche ideas investigation and I simply follow four steps to find potential niche markets for further review:

1. Browse and choose a category

Yahoo Answers organizes all the questions and answers into convenient categories such as Art, Beauty and Business so you can browse through the available options and pick those that are of interest to you.


2. Review questions and answers

When you visit a category have a look round and see the questions people are asking. Try and look for subjects that people are more emotional or passionate about. As you browse always think of finding the answers to these three questions:

  • a. What are people asking about?
  • b. How often does the same question come up?
  • c. What topics seem more popular than others?

3. Search using the search feature

More niche ideas can be identified if you make use of the search feature on Yahoo Answers to look up specific topics or key phrases.


4. Work out what niche ideas exist

Based on your browsing and review of the questions available you need to decide what niche markets you’ve identified and add them to your potential niches list.

If you’re stuck just go back to the previous option and think:

What are the How To’s or other questions posed?

Is there the opportunity for a book or video series to help those raising questions?

What do the answers rated as being the ‘best’ say? Why are they different from any of the other answers?

When I last visited Yahoo Answers and used these four steps I found these niche ideas:

  • tips for people who have undergone open heart surgery
  • tricks for an oil change
  • what are the best sites to visit in the Turquoise Coast in Turkey
  • how do you get yourself to wake up
  • ways to get to sleep

Why not pay a visit to Yahoo Answers and see what niche ideas you can uncover based on the questions people are asking?

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, remember you can find other Articles full of niche finding ideas in the members area.

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