Using The Kindle And Nook To Find Niche Markets

eReading Devices such as the Kindle, Nook and iPad have grown in popularity exponentially since they were first launched a few years ago to an uncertain welcome. According to reports Amazon alone now sells more digital books than the paperback editions of popular books.


Amazon Kindle

The Kindle explosion has also seen the trend emerge of bestseller dollar books enabling independent authors to self publish, promote and earn outside of the big publishing houses.

But most significantly of all for the niche marketer is the development and roll out of Kindle software for all major devices and gadgets such as the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices which means kindle edition books and other publications can be read on all these alternative ‘gadgets’.


As a source of niche ideas Kindle is a whole new market and opportunity giving you the chance to find both new ideas AND launch Kindle products quickly, cheaply and easily.

The Kindle store offers normal products such as Kindle Devices, Books, Magazines and Accessories but also access to the Kindle Community. Browsing through each of these areas will provide you with a rich source of niche ideas and Kindle related opportunities.


When I visited the Kindle store and discussion forums I discovered these niche ideas just about the Kindle itself:

  • how to publish a book on Kindle
  • how to set up your Kindle
  • which Kindle to buy
  • using the Kindle software on a PC/Android/iPad

You can browse around the Kindle store as you would any other department on Amazon and identify potential niches and products to add to your list. And if you don’t like Amazon then there are alternatives such as the Barnes And Noble Nook.

To start looking for niche ideas in the Kindle store just visit the Amazon store and browse through the Kindle Store

Barnes & Noble Nook

I’ve used the Kindle as one example but all the above ideas also apply to the Barnes and Noble store and their eReader device the Nook AND to the growing mass of ebooks and ebook readers provided by Sony and of course the iPhone/iPad.


So while Amazon is the market leader and used as our example in this sections why not head over to the other ereader stores for your research. The Nook store has a massive range of books and like the Kindle also offers a range of apps to enable readers to access Nook editions on other devices.

To start browsing through what the Nook store has to offer visit Barnes & Noble Nook

remember you can find other Articles full of niche finding ideas in the members area.

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