Using Social Bookmarks To Check Your Niche Ideas

Digg is for niche marketing analysis when trying to choose a niche. Digg shares what people around the web are bookmarking as useful articles, pages, videos, or anything with a url.

A bookmark carries a label or ‘tag’ of what the information is about according to the perspective of the person creating the bookmark.

So why is this important for niche marketing?

Well, the power of Social Bookmarking is that it presents the results of everyone not just a select few who have decided what is important. The social bookmarks that appear at the top on sites like Digg are those that lots of like minded people have liked and ‘tagged’ in the same way.

Digg is an important part of the niche research process as it allows you to access the thoughts and beliefs, interests and questions of real people to quickly find out how active any niche market is based on the number of bookmarks created.

To check your potential niches using the Digg Selection Tool you need to identify how popular each idea is. In this particular niche check you are looking to see if other people are actively bookmarking online material about the niche. If the number of ‘diggs’ or ‘bookmarks’ is low then the niche may not be the one to take forward while if the number is high then the niche can stay on your “potentials” list.

To use Digg for niche analysis you go to the Digg homepage and enter your niche word or phrase into the search box. So for our sample niche of Aromatherapy you would simply enter – aromatherapy.


Digg will then present the social bookmarks it holds for that niche and also show you a total for how many bookmarks have been made on the subject.


Digg will also let you look deeper into any niche market so that you can search for bookmarks made over different time periods, bookmarks with the most popularity in the niche and also look at the available bookmarks based on media type.

Review Niche Results

When I analyzed a selection of our potential niche markets using the Digg Niche Selection Test these results emerged:

 Aromatherapy    7,000 Bookmarks 
 Dog Diets     3,000 Bookmarks   
 Vegan Shoes  320 Bookmarks   
 Dog Training     27,000 Bookmarks   

Niche Results Analysis

Using our long run niche analysis benchmarks the results from our test niches using the Digg Niche Check led to these conclusions:

Based on the results from Digg, Aromatherapy and Dog Training look like viable niches to take further.

Vegan Shoes looks like a non starter based on the Social Bookmark test results with practically no one talking about the niche or sharing information with others.

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