Using Questions People Ask To Test Niche Markets

As a member of Dr Nitch you have access to a fantastic tool for niche analysis as it removes a lot of the work required to survey and establish what answers people are looking for.

People are always typing questions and this free members only tool captures these questions and lets you read what people have actually been asking about the niche. So the work that used to take ages with a survey to assess a niche can now be done in a few seconds!

The Free Searcher Tool can be accessed from this link – Searcher Question Tool.


The Searcher is a very simple tool to use and will show you not only the things people are asking about but also how many questions there are – both good indicators for your niche assessment.

All you do is put your word or phrase into the search box and then click as shown in the image below.


The Searcher tool will then show a list of questions.


You can use the Question Test to check niche ideas you have under consideration. The test will allow you to see what questions people have been asking about the niche and as a result get an indication on how popular each niche idea is.

If the number of questions you find being asked is low then the niche could be one to avoid while if there is a high number then the niche should stay under consideration as a “possible”.

Review Niche Results

Using the Searcher question tool test gave us these insights into our sample niches:

 Aromatherapy    14,700 Questions 
 Chocolate Chip Cookies     46,600 Questions   
 Vegan Shoes  7,920 Questions   
 Dog Training     193,000 Questions   

Niche Results Analysis

Using our benchmarks the results from our test niches using the Wordtracker Question Niche Check led to these conclusions:

Using this tool for niche analysis shows you how many people are searching for solutions or answers on the search engines. These are active seekers so the tool is a good indicator of niche popularity and the sort of issues people are looking for help with.

Based on these results from the Searcher Tool Aromatherapy, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Dog Training look the best of our tested niches to take forward based on this result so we’ll add this to our overall test by test analysis of each niche.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, remember you can find other Articles on how to choose your niche in the members area.

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