Using Niche Marketing : Your Vital Business Ingredient

This first part of your Niche Marketing eCourse covers the first of your 9 steps to success and shares what niche marketing is all about:

  • What a niche is
  • What niche marketing is
  • Why you should think about customer problems

Before I explain why niche marketing is vital to your long term business success it may help to ensure you understand what niche marketing is all about.

So what is a niche market?

A niche market can apply to many areas of life. When we think of or describe a niche market we’re talking about a specific specialized group of people that have similar interests so a niche market is a specific specialized group.

Niche Market = Specific Specialized Group

This specialization can include a group based on geography, age, interests, employment, hobbies and several other factors.


Using our description niche markets would be things like:

  • Patio furniture owners

  • High cholesterol medication takers

  • Family Scrap bookers

  • Kindle owners

  • Antique kids book collectors

  • Hip replacement patients

You need to think about customer problems not products!

In classic marketing training for the business world niche marketing is known as market segmentation where as a business you pick a segment of the overall market for say Light Fittings to target and position your offer accordingly.

Niche Marketing in the online world is very similar. A lot of people believe that niche marketing is all about finding a group of people to sell products to based on a cold business decision you make yourself. But this is so wrong!

To be successful in any form of marketing and niche marketing in particular you need to identify a group of customers with a problem or need that they want to resolve and supplying them with an appropriate solution.

So always think customer problem first and product solution second and you will be 99.9% ahead of most of your competitors who go looking for products to sell and only think of customers last.

If you adopt this approach you will go looking for customer needs to fill and then find a solution to sell to them.

Hopefully, you get the idea now that what we’re talking about is groups of people with a shared interest that you can tap into.

And just from the short list I shared above you can gather that niche markets are as varied as the people on this earth and that there are literally hundreds of thousands of available markets – at least!

What is niche marketing?

From a small business perspective, niche marketing is used to talk directly to the customers in one or more niche markets that you’ve selected to target. Niche marketing is the powerful means of focusing your efforts to appeal to a specific group so that you increase the likelihood of interest and as a result sales.

And that’s where most people go wrong!!

Lots of people when they start out are told to go out and find a ‘niche market’ but then through no fault of their own actually choose a whopping, big, broad product based market such as Golf, the iPad, Weight Loss or Home Cooking.

Alongside the key issue that this is a product led idea rather than a customer led idea the extra problem with this approach is that although these are perfectly good markets in themselves with lots of customers they are much too general with lots of established competitors all chasing the same customers.

This means the winners tend to be those who spend the most on advertising, offer ridiculously low prices or have a famous brand. So small business folks who try these big general markets fail and then sadly give up.

But it doesn’t have to be like that! All you have to do is adopt and use niche marketing properly in your business which is what this site is designed to help you do – quickly, cheaply and easily.

Now on to Part Two of your Niche Marketing Course!

In Part Two we’ll conclude the first of your 9 steps to niche marketing success and cover:

  • Why you should use niche marketing
  • The vital differences between general and specialized markets

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