Using Niche Marketing : Time For ACTION!

In this step I want to share something very important with you so please read this section carefully.

When I was a lot younger I flunked University as I spent too much time raising money for charity and playing rugby three times a week.

As a result I had to start my career in the big wide world at the very bottom doing an admin job I absolutely hated.

I earned so little that after rent was taken care of I had to make a loaf of bread last a week so soon discovered how to pick out the blue bits of mold.

One day one of my superiors told me that in five years I might be at their level if I worked hard and this made me take action to change my life.

I studied and studied using every spare minute I could find out of every day. After five years I was at the top of my chosen new profession of marketing as Marketing Director for a major high street bank. I was responsible for a few million customers and the proud owner of three degrees in marketing.

I then left employment and set up my first company which over ten years successfully worked with over 50 companies online and offline. I then closed it down and started all over again in another new direction working just online.

Throughout all the ups and significant downs in my life I’ve taken action, I’ve worked hard, I’ve loved my family, I’ve taken advice and constantly sought out new skills.

If YOU TAKE ACTION I promise you that you will move closer to the life you’d like to have today.

One thing is absolutely certain – nothing will change if you keep doing what you are already doing.

Please, please make a promise to yourself to take action and do at least one meaningful thing for your new life each and every day.

This is the approach I took and if you do you will find that some days you take a lot of steps forward while others you can’t see or feel a result – but you will if you keep going.

The more you put in, the more you are likely to get out – it really is that simple.

Thanks for listening.

Colin Stevens aka Dr Nitch


Now on to the final Part of your Niche Marketing Course!

In Part Ten we’ll wrap up the course you’ve been following and discuss next steps towards your own niche marketing business.

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