Using Keywords To Find Niche Market Ideas – Part Two

Here is the first of our top three proven keyword research tools that have stood the test of time across our ongoing niche research and analysis. In this article we describe the Free Wordtracker Keyword Tool.

Although one of the most popular paid for services, Wordtracker also offers a number of free tools to test out and research new niche ideas. To try the free keyword tool out you can just use the link below.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool


The Wordtracker free keyword research tool allows you to research a limited number of keywords and phrases and the results will show you how many searches are estimated per month for each term.

The results also give you related keywords and as a result some very strong niche market ideas.

As an experiment I entered one of the niche ideas seen on Yahoo Groups and used that in the Wordtracker tool. The niche I used was ‘Pen Pals’ and the keyword results that came back gave us a range of tightly related words and phrases on the subject of pen pals.


So ‘Pen Pals’ will go on our list for further research as a possible niche market as there is obviously an interest in this subject from a good number of people despite letter writing being seen as ‘old fashioned’ in this text and email world.

Although the Free tool doesn’t provide all the information offered by the full Wordtracker tool it does give us enough to help with the niche finding process and it is free!

Once you’ve used the tool you will be asked to set up a free account. Make sure you set one up so that you can continue to use the free tools.

Only sign up for a Trial account you might also offered if you can afford the ongoing costs and think you’ll use it in your business. Otherwise keep to the free Wordtracker trial and use the resources published here in the Dr Nitch niche marketing center.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, remember you can find other Articles full of niche finding ideas in the members area.

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