Using Keywords To Find Niche Market Ideas – Part One

What are keywords and keyword phrases?

Our definition of keywords and keyword phrases would be the words or phrases that a person types into a search engine in order to find something. This could be a product, how to do something or the answer to a question.

So, if someone was trying to find a good chocolate chip cookie recipe, they might type in “chocolate chip cookie recipe”, “how to cook chocolate chip cookies” or just “good cookie recipes.” Keyword tools will help you find and identify these words and phrases so you can identify what your potential customers are interested in.


Using Keyword Tools

You can use keyword tools to come up with niche ideas based on the actual results of what people have been searching for online. Keyword tools are very helpful if you want to look for niche ideas based on a specific word or phrase like “Puppy Training”, “Laptops” or “Deck Plans”.

The tools we use which are described in other articles in this zone provide you with information about each keyword or phrase so that you can see related words and phrases which will help you to find more potential niche ideas. They are also completely free to use.


Keyword tools such as Wordtracker and Google will help you research important niche marketing facts about the keywords and phrases you’re interested in. The tools we recommend and explain in other articles in this zone will let you:

  • find out if your keyword is popular or not

  • suggest to you other related keywords

  • tell you if the market linked to your keyword is highly competitive

  • let you know how many other sites are targeting that word

Keyword tools can help you avoid niche markets that are either too competitive or markets that are not very popular.

When you’re doing your niche ideas research you’ll find that keyword tools can help you think of new markets, related markets and markets you’ve never even thought of based on the suggestions that are provided.

But Are Keywords All You Need?

There’s a lot of confusion going around about keywords and keyword research. Some people think it’s absolutely the only tool you need, others ignore it completely while at Dr Nitch I and my team use keyword tools as just one of many different research resources. Here’s why:


Are keyword tools all you need?

Yes! – Keyword research is a very valuable tool that we use all the time to find, research and analyze niche markets.

No! – any keyword tool only uses a small sample of the total searches undertaken online to come up with their results. This is the main reason why the results and estimates published by different tools will not be the same — they are statistical estimates not real results!

On balance we prefer to use keyword tools and a range of other sources before we make any assumptions about a potential niche market.

Experience shows that the only surefire test of a niche is to actually try it out in real life, with real customers.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, remember you can find other Articles full of niche finding ideas in the members area.

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