Using Google Trends To Test Niche Ideas

Google Trends is a release from Google that combines the features of some of their best analytical tools including Keyword Research, Trends and Analytics.

We would say that Google Trends must always be one of your primary niche research and analysis tools as it provides a vital insight into likely interest in a niche market over the long term. Not just a few months like keywords stats but long term trends so that you can see if the niche is on the way up, down or sideways.


Using Google Trends for Niche Analysis

The power of Google Trends comes from the fact that for any niche you want to analyze you can investigate the niche based on long term trends, geographic interest, different timescales and categories.

You can access the Free Google Trends Tool from this link – Google Trends Test Tool.

Google Trends Tool

Google Trends huge advantage over other niche assessment tools is that the data for nearly all niches goes all the way back to 2004 so you can clearly see a long term trend for the niche you are investigating.

Based on our historic research over many years these longer term trends have proved to be a much, much safer indication of niche viability. Longer term trends also let you see seasonal variations and whether a niche is on the way up, down or is a steady interest market.

Google Trends will even give you Google’s prediction of the level of interest in the niche for the next year.

To show you how to use this tool for your own niche analysis we’ll use our test niche of Aromatherapy again. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

Step 1 – Select ‘United States’ in the country option and ensure all the other boxes are left to look like those in the sample image below.

Step 2 – Enter your niche market description in the search term box. In our case ‘aromatherapy’. Then just hit your enter/return key.


When you run the Google Trends test you’ll see a graph like the one shown in the illustration below with a line indicating the Trend for this niche according to Google.

So that Google’s methods and data are kept secret all the results are indexed so they are shown on a scale of 0 to 100+ so you won’t actually see real numbers.


Interpreting the Google Trends Graph

The Google Trends tool shows that the aromatherapy niche has shown a steady fall in popularity since Google trend data began in 2004 (Line A) but since 2008 the level of interest has remained quite steady (Line B). This suggests that the niche now has a loyal and consistent following which indicates it could be a steady niche to use as part of a niche marketing based business.


Using another of our test niche examples of the niche ‘Chocolate Chip Cookies’ gives an insight into a market with a big seasonal variation around the Christmas and New Year period. You can see the seasonal spikes in interest around the fourth quarter of each year since Google’s Trend data began indicated by the arrows.

Outside of this seasonal peak the Google Trend data shows that the niche has seen steadily rising results indicating that it is another good contender for a niche marketing business.


Niche Analysis

Using the Google Trends tool on our test niche ideas showed these results when we ran some niche evaluations:

Aromatherapy Level Interest
Chocolate Chip Cookies Rising Interest
Bass Fishing Level Interest
Scrapbooking Falling Interest

Results Interpretation

Using the Google Trends tool for niche analysis shows how interest in the niche measured by Google has changed over time.

When you use this tool you should look for the niche to have level or rising interest. However, if the niche has falling interest that could still be ok provided you appreciate that you are entering a market that is getting smaller over time and may not be so good in a few years time.

Based on these results from the Google Trends Tool Chocolate Chip Cookies, Aromatherapy and Bass Fishing look the best of our test niches to take forward while Scrapbooking is a large market in decline.

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