Using Google Groups For Niche Ideas

Like Yahoo, Google Groups are designed to help group members connect with other people and information online that is of interest to them.

As a niche ideas researcher Google Groups can help you search or browse for information on a specific niche. You could also join in on a group in a niche that interests you and see what others are talking about.

Go to Google Groups and take a regular look at the groups listed.


Google Groups is broken down into a number of core categories which contain a huge range of niche groups and interests. You can also choose to view groups based on location so you could select just to see groups in the United States or Europe. If you do select to view just United States groups you can then view them by state.

Just looking at the variety of sub categories in just the ‘recreation’ category in the image below gives you an idea of how many potential niche markets you could tap into and remember you only need one or two to get started!


With Google Groups you can easily identify niche groups that could be added to your niche ideas list. To find niche ideas all you need to do is browse the main categories offered by Google and then drill down into the sub categories to find niche ideas for you to research further.

When I review Google Groups as part of my research I look especially at the number of topics within each group and when the last message was posted as these are both indicators of how popular and active a niche is.

Are people talking about it?

You can see an example of active groups from the Recreation/Boating category below.


Using Google Groups I identified these other ideas from the ‘Home’ and ‘Family’ categories to add to my potential niches file.

  • Parenting skills

  • Genealogy Tips

  • Home Candle Business

  • Help get rid of stay at home adult kids

Try using Google Groups and find out what niche ideas you can find – why not share any really quirky or odd ones on the members forum!

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, there’s a mixture of other Articles full of niche finding ideas in the members area.

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