Using Facebook Likes To Seek Out Niche Ideas

Niche Ideas From Facebook Friends

Facebook has become the global place to meet and share social information and has broken down many barriers across the globe. But Facebook has also become much more business friendly in recent years and become a great source of niche ideas to the business owner.

Back in the dark age before Facebook the biggest problem with customer surveys and asking people their opinions and interests was that people either put down anything or even worse they put down what they thought you wanted to see.

Fortunately Facebook now provides the niche business owner with a powerful research tool for niche marketing revealing masses of free data about exactly what people are interested in.

But how?

Well, when people are on Facebook they usually share their likes, interests and activities. Facebook captures this so that it is possible to browse round and find out the things people like or are interested in.

A quick way to find niche ideas using Facebook is to browse through your friends and friends of friends profiles to see the interests they’ve recorded on their profiles and timeline.

Just go to Facebook and starting on your own timeline, just pick any of your friends by clicking on their name so that you reach their timeline.


Then when you’re on their personal timeline you can then click on their ‘likes’ and see the kinds of interests and hobbies they are interested in.

Facebook will show you a mix of ideas and information including music, books, movies, TV, games, other pages and interests.


With the timeline feature you can now also see the likes a person has over time so you can actually see what they like NOW as well as when they first set up their profile.


Remember people can be interested in something like ‘Yachts’ without actually owning one or going to sea — in niche marketing we’re only interested in what they are interested in not necessarily what they DO!

When I looked through some of my Facebook friends timelines at random to see what they are interested in I uncovered these possible niche markets to look at further:

  • Tennis
  • Playing Drums
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Parachuting
  • Weight Lifting
  • Sailing
  • Exploring

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