Using App Stores To Find Niche Market Ideas

Strange to think that just a few years ago apps and app stores were yet to be heard of but have since become a mainstream center of modern life. Apps are now available across all aspects of our lives in the 21st century with games, jokes, time wasters and quirky apps competing alongside hobby and personal productivity tools.


The main sources of Apps for the Android, iPad and iPhone devices are the Google Play Android Store and the Apple iTunes store although Amazon now also has its own app store as well.

Other app stores will no doubt follow but to save you time and to keep focused you should concentrate on the market leaders for your niche ideas research.

To find Niche ideas from these App stores you should visit each and browse through the main categories to see the Apps which are popular in both the free and paid for sections. You should also look at the most popular and new release sections to see which Apps are drawing the most attention.

You can use the links below to access the main app stores to browse around and see what niche ideas you find.

Google Play

To start looking around Google Play for niche ideas just visit Google Play


iTunes Apps

Here’s the link you need to check out the Apple App store for niche ideas iTunes App Store


When I visited the Google Play Android and Apple App stores I came away with these niche ideas based on the niche market of Apps itself that I found while browsing the different App categories:

  • how to create an App
  • providing a guide to Apps to save others time
  • how to choose an App
  • time saving tips
  • screen cast videos showing people how to use popular apps

What niche ideas will you find today when you visit the app stores?

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