AA TOUR: Mix With Other Nichers

As a member you’ll be part of a like minded community of niche marketing people and be able to get the help, advice and support you need.

Mix with people just like you who are serious about using niche marketing to improve their business.


Talk With Others

By using the Discussion Forums you’ll be able discuss niche marketing, things you’re stuck on or any aspect of running a business with the Dr Nitch team and other like minded members of our niche marketing community.

Mixing with other ‘Nichers’ who ‘get’ niche marketing will be an invaluable resource to you, your business and your customers by giving you a rapid selection of responses and resource suggestions.

As a member you can gain access to fair and honest answers to help you progress without having to wade through pages of irrelevant information. Using the Forums could save you hours of wasted time or $$$’s spent on the wrong solution.

Just ask and you’ll get the help you need.

Get Help

Anytime you get held up by a specific tech problem or obstacle, the Dr Nitch team will offer advice and ideas on how to make progress.

This will range from a suggestion in the forum, a link to a resource or recommended course or a specific video tutorial.

Everything is easy IF you know the answer so don’t get held up – get help!




We know what it’s like to sign up to an ‘expert’ and never hear from them again – or to be talked down to as if you were in kindergarten. Or to join a step by step program to find it only has the first three steps.

Well, at DrNitch.com the forum is moderated by Dr Nitch with full responses given to your individual questions and queries so that you can get the best possible support.

You’ll find you’ll be treated how we’d like to be treated ourselves. Just forgive my British sense of humor and mentions of the weather – ok?

Open Days

You’ll get a regular invite to an open day where you can raise questions or seek advice on a specific niche marketing, branding or business problem.

The open days are held on a regular basis and are conferences, individual phone calls or chats according to what members need.



Dr Nitch Cares

Membership of Dr Nitch would not only help your own business but would also help us support those in need through our fund raising program, Dr Nitch Cares.


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