AA TOUR: Make Use Of Tools

Gain access to a growing resource bank of purpose built tools and material to help your business efforts.

Join and you’ve got instant access to downloads and other useful resources to help you build a more successful and profitable business whatever niche you operate in.


Niche Business Resources

In the niche business resources zone you’ll find a collection of the most important resources required to help you build an online product and business. Here at Dr Nitch we use all of the tools we share especially when we were just starting out.

The niche resources we share cover all aspects of business essentials from hosting to graphics and from music to video. This means you can focus on learning and earning without wasting time having to look for the right resources.

Swipes & Downloads

In the swipe and download members areas you can access a variety of clips, images, small files and other useful bits and pieces that we’ve found invaluable for you to use as you wish. We add and update the contents on a regular basis based on members feedback so only useful materials are retained.

These areas include an array of files, infographics, books, worksheets and images that we think you’ll find of use when building or running your niche marketing business.



Niche Marketing Materials

As a member you’ll have access to a wealth of articles, tutorials, ideas, videos, reviews, downloads and other resources to help you run a realistic and focused niche business giving you a greater chance of success.

You’ll also find over 40 Infographics and worksheets designed to help you get your niche efforts underway quickly and simply.

These materials cover all the essential aspects of niche marketing from design to copy and customer behavior through to selling techniques – it’s all covered.

Book Reviews

The Book Reviews zone of Dr Nitch will give you our fact based reviews of titles we’ve read whether good or bad so you can go direct to our recommended books and guides.

We also include recommended titles that our expert authors and members have suggested with multiple formats to choose from to make it easy for you to access the titles of interest to you.




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