AA TOUR: Is Dr Nitch For You?

Despite all the content, tools and resources you’ve seen so far you might be wondering if Dr Nitch is for you and your business?

That’s a sensible question to have but the good news for you is that Dr Nitch has been built to help people just like you to use the power of niche marketing to build long term business and personal success.

Inside you’ll find a range of tools, resources and information to help you start, grow or expand your business to best effect whatever your skills, your experience or business type.

Here’s how:


Your Experience

People who come to Dr Nitch are split between those who would like to have their own business, those who want to grow their business and those who are looking for more markets to use.

A Beginner?

If you’re a Beginner and just starting out then you’ll find yourself in
good company with like minded people keen to help and support you every step of the way.

You’ll also find within Dr Nitch a complete step by step process to find,
choose and use the ideal niche for you so you can get started quickly whatever your choice of
business model.

All our content is easy to use and designed to save you time, effort and
money to get you started as soon as possible. If there’s a free or low cost option we share that
and only recommend products that cost if we actually use them ourselves.

Got Started?

If you’ve got a business already but are struggling to move forward with
new ideas and products then membership of Dr Nitch could provide the solutions you

Membership would give you access to a complete suite of services and
information so that you can not only find and choose the best niche for you but also have the
information available to become known as the expert in your chosen niche.

Using our niche research resources and niche dashboard service will give
you in just a couple of clicks exactly what is going on in your market so that you can share comments,
ideas and opinions making you the go to expert over time.

Business Expert?

If you already have a very successful business with systems and processes
in place then membership of Dr Nitch can be your market finding resource to access new trends and

With our range of off the shelf niche reports and individual
niche monitoring dashboards it’s easy to keep up to date on new ideas that can be used across your
existing business. Or, you may find totally new trends and ideas to exploit without having to spend
time looking for favorable ideas first.




Based on over five years research and development the services and benefits on offer to you as a member have been
designed to help you regardless of the latest buzz trend or economic

The range of resources and services available will suit both online and offline businesses across a range of business models.

So if you’re looking to build your first website or local store here’s a few examples of how the niche research and ideas on offer could help you:

eBay or Amazon seller – being able to keep up to date on
customer trends and identifying new niche markets would allow you as an eBay or Amazon seller to set up
niche specific stores, auctions or offer auction advisory and promotion services to
others – from a position of strength and knowledge.

Product developer – if you’re looking to develop products
such as phone Apps, Videos or Software then the niche ideas and coverage you would gain access to
will help you to shape both your content and features to better match the needs of your
intended customers. You’ll also be able to focus on niche markets where interest and demand
for new products is growing rather than following the crowd into over competitive markets.

Publisher – If you’re looking to become a publisher of
books and/or magazines using the Kindle, iPad or other eReader then having a readily available
source of both niche ideas and extensive market information will help you choose new titles and
source content for your publications.

Affiliate business – finding new niche ideas would enable
you to use affiliate marketing to research and identify affiliate products to promote in
markets well away from the overcrowded social media and internet marketing niches.

Local Business support – If your business model is to offer
marketing, social media or web traffic services to local businesses, a knowledge of exactly what is
happening in the niche they serve will help you be seen to be more of an expert and protect you
from price based competitors who can’t demonstrate they know the client’s market as well as
you. The resources you’d have access to would enable you to know your customer quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

Creative business – if you offer a creative service such as
photography, design or writing then having access to the niche research and resources in your members area would provide you with
both content ideas, new markets to use and swipe materials to build from speeding up your
productivity and time to enter new markets.


Your Needs

Inside Dr Nitch you’ll find all the ingredients you need to find, choose and know your niche
yourself or if you prefer we offer everything in an off the shelf ‘ready meal’

After much research we’ve set the subscription level as low as we can so that you can use what’s
provided within your membership and then mix and match to purchase our more extensive ready made
research and products as you need them.

Step by step – if you want step by step help and coaching combined with friendly advice, support and a
wealth of niche marketing resources – you’ve got it.

Ready made – if you want ready made solutions that you can just pick up and run with – you’ve got that




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