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As a member of Dr Nitch you’d gain access to products you can sell or give away – plus hundreds of product ideas you can use as your very own.

Getting started is the most common reason why people fail to make the success they could. So within Dr Nitch you’d have access to products and ideas to help make your business a success from the very start.



Using Niche Marketing Guide

As soon as you join the Dr Nitch community you’d have the rights to give away the very popular ‘Using Niche Marketing – Your 9 Simple Steps To Success’ coaching guide. Rights to this book have never been issued before like this and would give you an immediate product to use on day one of your membership.

Unlike guides about Twitter, Facebook or Affiliate Marketing this product is suitable for any business owner so will work for you to promote whatever niche or business model you are using.

Other Get Started Products

Membership also provides opportunities for our established members to be able to sell some of our members only tools and products such as ORMADO as an affiliate to help grow your own niche marketing business.*

Software tools like ORMADO are always popular and this is another product that would work in any business or niche allowing you to use it how you wish.



Niche Business Giveaways

Across the site you will find a growing range of materials that you are free to give away or use on your own site.

These could be used on your own site, as freebie offers, bonuses or as part of an ongoing promotional campaign – whatever you want.

Niche Product Ideas

You’ll gain hundreds of niche product ideas from our published research, the dashboards and from other members in the forum.

Inside the members area you’ll also be able to tap into the product development experience of the Dr Nitch team that has designed and built hundreds of products across different markets and economic conditions. Some of these failed while others sold out which is exactly as it is in the real product development world.

On top of this you’ll also get help to get your own product ideas to market – you just have to ask.


*Please Note: The products available to sell do vary over time and may be withdrawn without notice due to upgrades, technical changes etc.


Become An Affiliate

As a member you can sign up to become an affiliate of the site allowing you to earn an ongoing income promoting Dr Nitch while building your own customer list and niche business.

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