AA TOUR: Find Your Niche!

To give you the best possible start in choosing the niche that’s right for you and your business you’ll find a simple but comprehensive coaching program and set of resources in the members area.

Everything has been designed and tested to be quick and easy to use so that you can get on with finding your niche and building your business.



Your Niche Finding Resources

In the ‘Find Your Niche!’ Zone of the members areas you’ll find three core coaching programs together with an extra zone which contains even more articles, tutorials, tactics and a stack of resources on finding the best niche idea to use within your business.

As a member you’ll have full access to coaching guides on Using, Finding & Choosing YOUR niche.

These guides include all the latest updates and are packed with easy to follow information and resources.

All the resources are updated every time something changes in the wider world so you can be sure you’re reading the most up to date information and resources – not something from three years ago. For example, in 2013, our guides have been updated three times to accommodate changes at Google, You Tube, Facebook, Digg and others.

Each guide will take you step by step through the process to use, find and choose the ideal niche for your business, your personal circumstances and available resources.

You’ll also get a set of tools, checklists, videos and software to help you regardless of how much or little experience you have.


Using Niche Marketing

What exactly is niche marketing? How do you find or recognize a niche? and why bother in the first place?

To many of our members like you, Niche marketing can seem like a big mystery. But experience has shown us that with the right guidance and information the secrets of niche marketing can be revealed enabling you to use niche marketing to build a real business whatever your age or ability.

In your ‘Using Niche Marketing’ coaching guide you’ll finally learn what a real ‘niche’ is and how you can make the secrets of niche marketing work for your business.

Finding Your Niche

Your hobby? A news item? A fashion? With limited time and resources, finding a niche market that you can turn into a successful niche marketing business is a fundamental step towards success.

Accessing research, ideas, trends and customer feedback is easy if you know how – but how do you conduct your research to give your niche selection process the best chance of success?

The second guide you’ll get as a member will describe step by step exactly how to go about finding niches and enough information so that you can have the greatest chance of success.



Choosing Your Niche

We all know that it can be overwhelming to try and make decisions. Even worse if that decision is choosing between all the ideas available to you based on your own interests, research, web browsing and reading.

So how do you choose? What to do first?

In your third members only coaching guide you’ll find a series of checks and activities that will help you decide so that you can decide which niche market idea or product solution to pursue based on your own skills, attitude and interests – whether you’re a just starting out or a seasoned professional.

Niche Research

Alongside the three coaching guides and courses you’ll also find inside even more niche research resources, checklists and information to help you get quick and easy results from your own research – regardless of which niche you’re targeting and your age or ability.

These resources go beyond what’s covered in your three coaching guides so are additional resources you’ll be able to use.



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