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Access free software and exclusive members only tools to help build and run your niche marketing business.

With the need for niche knowledge and ‘expert status’ so important today you’d gain a significant advantage as a Dr Nitch member through two tools – EzeFeed and EzeRSS.

Both will enable you to stream and share the latest information for your chosen niche on your own site.

As a member you’d also be able to make use of other tools such as Niche Analyzer, Niche Profiler and ORMADO.


Dr Nitch’s Niche Analyzer – Members Only Product

Value $57 per month – Free to members

This key niche assessment tool will help you to evaluate and choose between different niche ideas so you get the best chance of success.

The tool comes in full and lite versions so that you can do a full analysis of your potential niche across multiple market indicators or do a quick and simple test.

This software is unique to this site and would be available to you at no extra cost as a current member for the duration of your membership.

The Niche Analyzer has been developed and refined over eight years to accommodate changes in the business world and helps to give current members of Dr Nitch an ‘edge’ over their competitors when choosing a new market to develop.

Dr Nitch’s Niche Profiler – Members Only Product

Value $47 per month – Free to members

The Niche Profiler gives you one click niche research access across an unlimited number of niches using over 25 search resources including Google, Bing, eHow, Digg and Squidoo.

Using the Niche Profiler would enable you to check on current questions, competitors, ideas and information across all the niches we cover at present.

This software is ONLY available to current members and would be available to you at no extra cost for the duration of your membership.




Value $27 per month per feed – Free to members

This niche information live feed service will provide you with a news feed for your chosen niche that you can include on your own niche site or blog to always show up to date news and information.

Sold externally for $27 per month (when open to new customers) this service would be on offer to you at no extra charge for the duration of your membership.

To set up your EZEFeed you’d just need to complete a simple form and then you’d have your very own news feed to display on your blog or website.


Value $29 per month – Free to members

This RSS Combination tool will enable you to have a unique niche specific RSS feed for your business.

This live feed service will provide you with a unique blended RSS feed made up from your choice of up to ten other RSS feeds.

Sold externally for $29 per month (when open to new customers) this service is available for free to current members.




Value $47 – Free to members

This online tool will provide you with your very own task management and progress tracker that will help you get the most out of your available work time.

ORMADO (Organize, Manage and Do) also provides a project planning tool which you could use to help progress your product and business development activities.

Sold externally for $47 (when open to new customers) this software is available free to current members.

More To Come!

There’s more exciting software and online tools under development right now.

Soon to be added to the members area and products members can use to sell are tools and apps such as a decision making tool and collections of royalty free music and artwork.

We’re also working on a new piece of software called ‘Auction Insider’ always know which are the most popular items appearing on eBay at any time or day giving you a clear picture of hot products and markets to consider.

Look out for these new tools in the members area.

That’s a REAL value of over $2,000 a year just for these tools….for a subscription fee of just $29 per month.

What could membership of the Dr Nitch community and access to these tools and software do for you?

Just $4.99 to Start

Join the Dr Nitch membership community today and discover the tools, resources and ideas you need if you are starting out or looking to grow your own niche marketing business.


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