The Google Adwords Niche Check Test – Part Two

In Part Two we cover the steps needed to access the Adwords Planner Tool and then carry out analysis of niche ideas. So let’s begin!

Step 1 – Log In

To start using the Adwords Tool for your niche analysis just go to the Google Adwords Home Page and log in.


Step 2 – Adwords Home Page

Once you’ve signed into your new Adwords Account you’ll see the main Adwords home page. To access the Keyword Tool for your research just click on ‘Tools and Analysis’ as indicated in the image below.


Step 3 – Selecting Keyword Planner

When you click on ‘Tools and Analysis’ a drop down menu will appear and from that you need to click on ‘Keyword Planner’ as shown below.


Next click on ‘Search for keyword and ad group ideas’.


Step 4 – Adwords Test Tool

You’ll now see the Adwords test tool. To check the popularity of each of your niche keywords or phrases all you need do is:

  • enter your niche name into the box – we used our test niche of ‘Aromatherapy’
  • select your chosen country – we used ‘United States’
  • select your chosen language – we used ‘English’

Then click on the big blue ‘Get Ideas’ button as highlighted in the image below.


Step 5 – Test Results

Once you’ve run the test you’ll see Google’s suggested ‘Ad Group Ideas’ and data but you DON’T want this. Instead click on the ‘Keyword Ideas’ tab as highlighted in the image below.

This will show you the monthly search results for your niche to give you an idea of how popular it is with web users.


You need to make a note of how many searches there to add to your analysis results for the niche.

Once you’ve recorded how many searches your niche gets go back and re-run the test for each of the other niche ideas on your shortlist.

Niche Analysis

The Google Keyword tool gave these results for our test niche markets:

Aromatherapy 22,000 searches
Bass Fishing 14,800 searches
Vegan Shoes 8,100 searches
Scrapbooking 33,100 searches

Results Interpretation

Using our niche analysis benchmarks the results from our test niches using the Adwords Niche Check Test led to these conclusions:

Based on these results from the Google Keyword Test Tool Bass Fishing, Aromatherapy and Scrapbooking are worth considering.

The keyword test did not give a good result for the Vegan Shoes niche showing a low volume of searches.

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