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Dr Nitch ownership and other important details.

Ownership Details


DrNitch.com is owned by Dr Nitch Ltd, a limited liability corporation registered in England. Registration number:7009324.

Payment Details

When you buy a product or subscription from our site you will see “Clickbank” or similar on your card statement.


Our UK office address is: Dr Nitch, 4 Ham Close, Aughton, Marlborough, Wilts, SN8 3SB


If you want to call us on the ‘phone’ we recommend using Skype – just look for and ring our dedicated Skype user name DRNITCH


Calling from within the UK: 01264 850 217

Calling from outside the UK: +44 1264 850217

If you’d like to ask us any questions about our site and the information services we provide, please contact us using the form below.

Dr.Nitch Contact Form

Thanks for your interest in our site. We welcome feedback – especially positive suggestions for new features or improvements!

The Dr Nitch team

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