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Dr Nitch Help Topics

Joining Dr Nitch

DrNitch.com is a subscription website devoted to Niche Marketing and Niche Product Ideas. To access all the valuable niche product development and deployment resources within this site, you will need to be a member of the Dr Nitch community by being a Subscriber.

Joining the site is easy. And we even offer a heavily discounted trial membership for a full 14 days priced at only $4.99. A trial subscription will let you check out the site and the resources, research and information on offer to see if it’s for you. At only $4.99 that’s less than a quarter a day to try out the information you need for your own niche based business.

To join and try out our niche marketing community visit the the Members Benefits page, so that you can see all the tools, tutorials, research, advice, support and information provided to members of the DrNitch.com niche marketing community.

So that you can see what you will gain access to as a member why not check out all our Free Samples. This area of the site includes samples of our content such as our articles, checklists, research, training, downloads and published niche marketing guide books – ALL Free for you to access.

If your membership has expired and you wish to renew, visit our Secure Renewal Subscription Form.

Account Activation

After submitting your application to DrNitch.com, you will see a message on the screen indicating whether your subscription was successfully processed. It if was, you will receive an email message containing your User Name and Password (chosen by you when you completed your registration from). You may now Log in to the members area of the site and start using the extensive range of niche marketing materials and resources you’ll find inside.

Logging in to DrNitch.com

You must be a fully registered member of DrNitch.com before you can log in to the Members Area. Clicking on the log in button on the main home page will automatically take you to the Log in screen. The login program will prompt you for your User Name and Password.

Important: “Cookies” must be enabled in your browser before logging in and/or posting. Your login status is passed via cookie by the login program to the posting program.

24 Hour Lock Outs

Please do not try to share your account login details or passwords as our system is designed to detect sharing attempts immediately. Any accounts where more than one person attempts to sign in using the same user name and password will be AUTOMATICALLY LOCKED OUT with access denied until an account investigation and reset has been applied.

If a lock out occurs you will not be able to log back in for 24 hours. Repeated lock outs can result in account suspension and/or cancellation. Our lock out feature is designed to prevent account sharing and identity theft.

Some of our members find themselves accidentally locked out of their DrNitch.com membership. This can happen if you log in via a mobile device such as a tablet or iPhone and then try logging in via a laptop or desktop computer.

To prevent account lock outs please click on the LOGOUT button which is at the top of the members page when you have finished your session on the site. You can log in and out as many times as you like on as many different devices as you like in a day provided you log out each time!

Lost your Username or password?

If you’ve lost (or did not receive) your Welcome email, or if you’ve forgotten your username or password, you can use the Lost Password Feature on the Dr Nitch members login page to receive an automatic email message (sent to your originally registered email address) of your log in details.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and will never provide details about you to anyone without your permission. For full details of how we use and protect your personal data please see our Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use

The aims of DrNitch.com are to provide subscribers with the information and resources described in the Member Benefits section. In return, we expect you to abide by our Terms Of Use. These guidelines are intended to help maintain a useful amount of order. These rules may be revised without notice.

Reasonable Help

Please note our definition of ‘reasonable help’. Dr Nitch will do everything to assist with any problems or questions you might have. We will gladly answer questions, problems and requests for help posted through the members Discussion Forum.

But ‘reasonable help’ does not extend to things such as ‘set up my autoresponder series’, ‘build my opt in page’, ‘install a blog’, ‘get me traffic to my site’ etc. Essentially reasonable help is the free help and advice we give in answer to questions or issues raised in the Discussion Forum and across our many published reports, books and training courses.

Discussion Forums

The members discussion forums are provided as a way for you to ask questions, seek opinions, offer advice, and in general connect with other subscribers. In order for the forums to work, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Nothing improves our community more than those who seek help and ask questions from those who can provide information or assistance that is valuable and relevant.
  • A difference of opinion between members of our niche marketing community is fine, but please refrain from abusive attacks, engaging in senseless flame wars, and using profane language. Any posts that enter this unsavory territory will at Dr Nitch’s discretion be edited or removed outright.
  • Common sense check. If you read a post that sounds too good or strange to be true, it probably is.
  • If you are going to reply to a post, make sure you are placing it in the correct area. Use the reply button below the original post.
  • No advertising, trading of goods or services or other commercial use is allowed in the discussion forums and member profile areas unless you have the express written permission of the Dr Nitch team first.
  • Post your message once and please don’t post overtly spam messages. These will be edited or removed outright.
  • Don’t reveal online private or personal information of another individual. If you are asked for a friend’s email address, the best advice usually is to forward the request to the friend. He or she can then decide whether to respond.
  • Please avoid shouting (use of all capital letters) in the discussion forums.
  • Please use your own name when posting to the discussion forums and do not impersonate or represent yourself as someone else.
  • Treat other members of the Dr Nitch community with courtesy and respect when posting or replying to messages in the members discussion forums.

We do not edit or monitor messages posted on the forums, but DrNitch.com reserves the right to edit or remove objectionable posts or posts that are overtly commercial in nature. Any member posting on the forum is solely responsible for the content and message published — not DrNitch.com. Those that break our forum rules will ultimately be barred from using the forums or have their membership terminated.


Our Copyright

Do not copy, republish, reprint, repost or otherwise reuse, distribute or publish content, files or images published on this site — unless you have permission. Screen capture, recording, downloading and scraping is easy to do but just because you may be able to copy our content doesn’t mean you own it.

Unauthorized use of or copying of trademarks, content and other proprietary material can subject you to civil or even criminal liability. Please don’t violate our copyright! We use the services of brand and copyright monitoring services so will spot AND ACT on any misuse of our intellectual property.


Affiliate Abuse

Subscribers are NOT allowed to join through their own affiliate link. We take this very seriously and anyone attempting to do this will be instantly barred from the affiliate program, lose all rights to any affiliate income earned and face a ban from the site altogether.


Cancelling Your Membership

If at any time you no longer need access to the research resources and tools on offer then you can Log in here to access your account details, to update your information, check payments or establish your regular renewal date. You can also cancel your subscription at any time quite quickly and easily here. For these reasons, subscriptions to DrNitch.com are neither refundable or transferable.

Renewing Your Membership

If your membership has expired and you wish to renew, visit our Secure Renewal Subscription Form.

Contacting Dr Nitch

You can contact us via email using the Contact Us Form If you have any questions, problems or ideas that are not covered here that you would like answered please pay a visit to the and post your message there. It’s the quickest way to get any questions answered.

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