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Do you need to update your email address, change your username or address, or review your current subscription status?

Find the links below to carry out all these account management functions and more.

IMPORTANT: To protect your privacy and as an additional security feature to protect Dr Nitch members, you will be asked to re-enter your password before you can view your personal account information.

Dr Nitch Account Management

Update your email address?

To access your account details and update your email address please Click here.

Want to change your Username or password?

To access your account details and change your user name or password please Click here.

Need to renew your membership?

If your membership has expired and you wish to renew, visit our Secure Renewal Subscription Form.

Review your current Membership status?

Need to check your renewal date or membership status? You can easily check on which day your subscription will renew by visiting your Account Information and then scroll down to ‘renewal date’.

24 Hour Lock Out Problems?

If a lock out occurs on your account you will not be able to log back in for 24 hours. But don’t worry, our lock out feature is purely designed to prevent illegal account sharing and identity theft so genuine lock out errors are quickly resolved.

Some of our members find themselves accidentally locked out of their DrNitch.com membership due to their use of laptops and mobile devices. What typically happens is that a member logs in via a mobile device such as a Android or iPhone and then tries logging in via a laptop or desktop computer.

To prevent account lock outs please click on the LOGOUT button which is at the top of the members page when you have finished your session on the site. You can log in and out as many times as you like on as many different devices as you like in a day provided you log out each time!

A word of warning however – Please do not try to share your account login details or passwords as our system is designed to detect sharing attempts immediately. Any accounts where more than one person attempts to sign in using the same user name and password will be Automatically locked out with access denied until an account investigation and reset has been applied.

Lost your user name or password?

If you’ve forgotten your username or password, you can use the Lost Password Feature on the Dr Nitch members login page to receive an automatic email message (sent to your originally registered email address) of your log in details. Please note – To use this feature you will need to be logged out first!

Is your request for help ok?

Please note our definition of ‘reasonable help’. Dr Nitch will do everything to assist with any problems or questions you might have. We will gladly answer questions, problems and requests for help posted through the members Discussion Forum.

But ‘reasonable help’ does not extend to things such as ‘set up my autoresponder series’, ‘build my opt in page’, ‘install a blog’, ‘get me traffic to my site’ etc. Essentially reasonable help is the free help and advice we give in answer to questions or issues raised in the Discussion Forum and across our many published reports, books and training courses.

Want to know how we use your data?

We respect your privacy and will never provide details about you to anyone without your permission. For full details of how we use and protect your personal data please see our Privacy Policy.

Need to check the site ‘Terms of Use’?

The aims of DrNitch.com are to provide subscribers with the information and resources described in the Member Benefits section. In return, we expect you to abide by our Terms Of Use. These guidelines are intended to help maintain a useful amount of order. These rules may be revised without notice.

Want to cancel your Membership?

If at any time you no longer need access to the research resources and tools on offer then you can cancel your subscription at any time quite quickly and easily here.

Need to contact Dr Nitch?

You can contact us via email using the Contact Us Form. If you have any questions, problems or ideas that are not covered here that you would like answered please pay a visit to the and post your message there. It’s the quickest way to get any questions answered.

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