Starting A Business – The best way to progress your niche idea

Here’s two easy steps to defeat the biggest obstacle to you developing and
actually delivering your great profitable niche business idea. What to do when
you start to feel swamped with too much to do!

You’ll often think of what seems a fantastic idea for new products or
services. But the hardest part is actually getting round to it and doing the
research, the work or the outsourcing required.

Even for those who have the dedication and commitment, one single
question or concern can stop all other work on the idea.

The result – no progress, no change in circumstances, no increase in income,
no closer to your end goal.

We all face this problem – you’re not alone and even thinking about solving
the issue puts you ahead of most other people.

And the answer?

Our approach has always to use a simple two step solution which has
NEVER failed to work.

Step One – Break the overall job that needs to be
done into small pieces

How many? – as many small pieces as you can think of.

Break that sucker into a series of individual steps.

But why?

Well if you think of one step of your launch as being ‘Build web site’
you’re in for trouble. You’ll face so many individual steps to complete that one task that any
one you do will still leave you with the overall task – ‘build web
site’ on your list.

So you get little sense of acheivement or progress AND it’s hard to
split the big task into small ones so you’ll tend to wait for the next task to
be completed before moving on.

Which leads us to step Two.

Step Two – Have an end to end process

Now we’d be the last people to get you thinking in serious terms about
project management techniques and methods BUT this step is worth doing just once
– as you’ll find that if you truly break the your process down
into easily achieved ‘chunks’ not only will these be easy to achieve you’ll also

  • any issues that get in your way can easily be parked while a solution is
    found without stopping you getting on with other items on the list
  • progress will be much quicker and you’ll get a growing sense of achievement,
    progress and delivery
  • as a result your development will get faster and faster

Best of all, once you’ve worked out your process you’ll find you can re-use
it as many times as you like for all sorts of products and ideas you want to
create – you’ll even be able to have more than one development on the go at the
same time!

This chunk process will save you time, money and frustration giving you a
greater sense of achievement and a better chance of profitable income


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