Starting A Business – Choosing your market

Starting a successful business often means considering niche market ideas for niches you really don’t fancy or like. And why should you?

Well markets that you don’t like COULD turn out to be the best ever for your business!

Here’s some ways to make your niche business experience more profitable in your least favorite markets.

Anyone who’s ever tried to feed children under the age of 10 will know the
common shout “but I don’t like it!” to foods the little angel hasn’t even ever
tasted. Anything new or different can seem impossible for them to accept.

So what’s this got to do with running your own business, niche marketing
and selling your products to customers?

Well, in case you hadn’t noticed you probably act just like that kid about markets or product ideas that don’t appeal to you.

The clever Psychology people call this our ‘Self Reference Criteria’ where we
will naturally buy, like and mix with products, services and people that fit
in with the way we see the world.

As a result it’s only natural and so much easier to work in markets you know, like and are always willing to do some work on. And this is the ideal area of niche markets to start your search for a market for your business.

But always going for the easy option or the markets that appeal the most can be very dangerous to your long term success. You need to watch out for this as it’s all too easy to overlook a ready market or an opportunity that you may spot just because you don’t like the idea on first glance.

So when it comes to weighing up your next product launch from the range of
ideas available – think at least twice before you dismiss an idea just
because you don’t fancy it.

It could be the market that everyone else is ignoring for the same reason but may have a high customer demand. Is it the market itself that is unattractive or what the market is about?

Remember this – nobody wants to talk about unpleasant personal ailments such as warts in certain places, halitosis or anything to do with ‘digestive outputs’ but thousands of people are looking for help and have questions every day.

So be professional, consider each idea on its attractiveness to you but also the market demand and always remember the story about young
kids and new foods – “don’t like it!”

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