Running Your Business – So you’re a customer, And?

How are you treating your customers?



OR something else?

Isn’t it weird – all too often in the off and online worlds businesses and
sites clam up once you become a customer and only speak when they want you to
buy the next great thing?

All too often business owners just focus on getting the next sale through the door and overlook the best assets and the source of their success – their existing customers.

So take a look at your own business and see how many messages, emails, promotions and free stuff you offer your
prospects to sign up before they become a customer and how many non sales
messages do you send once they’ve signed up?

If you’re like most business owners you tend to bias your existing customer communications towards selling so called ‘back end’ or additional sales – you forget the stuff that made the person a customer in the first place.

What about information about where to get help and advice or support with any problems? Or birthday messages if you remembered to get some information about your customer when they joined your business? Or some surprise extra, gift or special event/discount to recognize their value to your business and success?

If you reallywant to improve your sales per customer, your lifetime customer value and reduce the number of refunds you have to make – just remember the good stuff you used to send to your prospects and start treating your customers as if they haven’t yet bought anything from you.

A first easy step is to ensure that you only send out occasional sales messages and spend more time giving out useful info instead.

By reducing your sales to information message ratios you’ll find your
customers will feel more valued, your profit, sales and positive feedback will
go up while your refunds and hassle customers will go down.

So when you’ve got customers from your chosen niche – treat them right and
treat them like your prospects.

That way your business will do SO much better than thousands of others and you’ll build a loyal band of trusted followers whatever you do who will spread the word about you and your business and do your selling for you.

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