Reviewing Niche Markets Using Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums can be a great source of niche ideas and information for use in niche product development and as such also help us to check out potential niche ideas before taking them forward.

Forums are a powerful resource for niche marketers as they act as a central meeting point for people who are interested in a specific niche subject to meet and discuss their interest.

To review each of your potential niche ideas using the Forum Search Selection Tool you’ll need to establish the popularity of each of your niche ideas. Using this niche check will help you to discover if other people are actively discussing and talking about the niche. If the number of forums you find is low then the niche may not be the one to take forward while if the number is high then the niche can stay on your “potentials” list.

You can carry out your own Forum searches to test your niche ideas through this link – Discussion Forum Check Test.

To test your niche ideas using the Forum test you need to go to Google and type in your niche word or phrase using the format “your niche” + “forum”.

So to assess Chocolate Chip Cookies you would enter:

“Chocolate Chip Cookies” + “forum”


You need to use the exact punctuation shown above with the two sets of quotation marks and the ‘+’ symbol. After researching thousands of niche markets we’ve found that this method produces the most relevant results which is what we need when we are assessing a future business idea.

You’ll need to run the test for each niche on your shortlist and note down exactly how many forums are showing on Google’s results.


Review Niche Results

When we reviewed some of our test niche markets using the Discussion Forum Niche Selection Test these results emerged:

 Bass Fishing    16,600,000 Forum Results 
 Vegan Shoes     7 Forum Results   
 Crochet  236,000 Forum Results   
 Golf Putting     4 Forum Results   

Niche Results Analysis

Using our long run niche analysis benchmarks the results from our test niches using the Discussion Forum Niche Check helped us to form these conclusions:

Based on the results of this niche analysis test we would consider Crochet and Bass Fishing but not the other niches being assessed.

However, these are the results of just one test and we NEVER base our niche selections on the result of just one test. After all, 16.6 million Bass Fishing results may be an indicator that the niche is too general and big and some specialism is required.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, remember you can find other Articles on how to choose your niche in the members area.

Or you can access the latest edition of the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Guide – “Choosing Your Niche – 7 Simple Checks To Your Success”. This guide shares the step by step process for selecting niche market ideas that the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Center has identified.

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