Researching Discussion Forums For Niche Ideas

Discussion Forums are probably one of the easiest ways to find niche ideas as they are a meeting point for people who are passionate enough about the subject to spend time logging on and talking to each other about it.


Forums & Groups like the ones on eBay featured in the illustration above are an unlimited niche resource and can tell you:

  • What topics people are talking about
  • What questions come up a lot
  • What other websites are linked as resources for additional information
  • What problems are being shared

Why not visit eBay and have a browse around the forums to see what niche ideas you find? You can access them at eBay Forums and browse around the forums listed.

So how do you go about finding and searching through other forums and online groups for niche ideas?

Read on!

Forum Search Via Google

You can find a forum on any subject you’re interested in just by typing this phrase into Google

‘your keyword +forum’

Then look through the results you get to see what ideas come up for your niche ideas list.

So if you wanted to check out Organic Gardening Forums you would enter into the Google box:

Organic gardening + forum


You can see from the illustration above and the search result words that I’ve highlighted that there are a lot of conversations going on online about the niche topic of organic gardening.

Use this Google resource for your niche ideas research and see what forum and discussion group results you get.

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