Welcome to the Aromatherapy Niche Market Videos Dashboard

on this dashboard you can view multiple sources of online video to see videos that have been published about the Aromatherapy niche market.

All the videos shown on this dashboard have been selected based on their relevance to Aromatherapy and will help you get inside the niche. When you browse through the videos you can use the titles, format, content and quality (or lack of!) to shape your ideas for this niche.

The contents of this dashboard have been set up to automatically update each time you visit the page so that you always see the latest information on Videos in the Aromatherapy niche.

Within the dashboard we’ve also included pre-programmed links so that you are just one click away from viewing vital video sites such as Metacafe, Bing Video, Vimeo, Daily Motion, You Tube and Google for insights about the Aromatherapy niche market.

You can find out how to use all the different niche dashboards on offer to you through the tutorials at our ‘How To Use This’ page.

Please note – As this dashboard includes live video feeds from a number of sources there may be a short delay while the most up to date niche video information is collected for you.

Video Bloodhound Aromatherapy Niche Market Results

The Dr Nitch Video Bloodhound tool will automatically search for videos from You Tube for the Aromatherapy niche each time you visit.

As this tool is also a video search machine you can also enter keywords into the search box at the top to see videos for other markets without leaving the page – saving you time and effort.

BTW – The Video Bloodhound Tool is only available to members of the Dr Nitch community.

EzeFeed Aromatherapy Niche Videos

The Dr Nitch Ezefeed Video Feed below will automatically search for videos from the Aromatherapy niche from across the web for you. This tool pulls in the very latest material published in the niche so you can see what people are posting now.

BTW – All the EzeFeed Feeds published on this site are only available to members of the Dr Nitch community.

Other Aromatherapy Niche Video Sources

Aromatherapy Videos From Bing Video

Click on the image below to see video search content from the Aromatherapy niche from Bing Video.

The Bing Video search engine pulls in results from across the web and provides you with tabbed pages of related keywords. The videos displayed can give you a source of ideas, information and product outlines that you can adapt for your own niche business.

Aromatherapy Videos From Google Video

The image below links to the Google Video search engine to provide you with video results about the Aromatherapy niche.

These are drawn from across the web using multiple sources so you can get the widest selection of ideas and information about the niche for you to use in your niche research, product development or to help build your expert status.

Niche Videos On Aromatherapy From Metacafe

Click on the image below to see videos from the Aromatherapy niche from Metacafe.

Metacafe’s search options enable you to view related videos so that you can see similar keywords or niches, the most popular videos for the niche as well as the most recent.

Not all videos are loaded to the same video sites so it’s worth looking around to see what other subjects people are talking about in this niche.

Aromatherapy Videos From Vimeo

Click on the image below for video results from the Aromatherapy niche from Vimeo.

Vimeo is very different to You Tube as it is designed for creative videos – no commercial/promotional videos are allowed. This means that using the Vimeo results will probably show you the more creative, factual and detailed videos from the niche.

Daily Motion Videos About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy niche videos from Daily Motion can be accessed by clicking the image below.

Behind You Tube and the Chinese Language site Youku, Daily Motion is one of the top three video sharing sites in the world. Results on Daily Motion differ to other sites based on the videos they host and pull in.

Take a look at the Daily Motion results for more ideas, resources or content to share or comment about.

Aromatherapy Videos From You Tube

Direct search on You Tube for videos from the Aromatherapy niche can be accessed by clicking on the image below.

Still the largest video site in the world, You Tube is THE place to view videos to see what is popular, what people are saying AND to gain ideas for your own videos.

Some of the other sites and our own tools use the You Tube API to find niche specific videos but this link offers you a direct search link as if you were on You Tube itself.

The API and live results don’t always match up so make sure you use this link as well as all the others for a true picture of video in the niche.

Blinkx Videos About Aromatherapy

Click on the image below to see video content about the Aromatherapy niche from Blinkx.

Blinkx includes professional video streams as well as user generated content and also offers their unique video wall feature which you can see directly below the link banner.

If the dashboard is empty for any reason or if the results showing are not what you’d expect to see then PLEASE let us know immediately by contacting us
so that one of the Dr Nitch team can investigate and fix it.

*Photo used in Icon by user name Believekevin from Flickr available under a Creative Commons Attribution Commercial license.

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