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Welcome to the Aromatherapy Social Media Dashboard

on this niche market dashboard you can find out what people are sharing, discussing and posting using the most popular social media tools and sites to talk about the Aromatherapy niche market.

All the different sources of social media information on this dashboard have been chosen to give you an almost instant insight on the Aromatherapy niche market. The links and feeds on this dashboard cover all the main areas of Social Media – Bookmarking, Conversations, News, Video & Networking.

Please bear in mind that the contents and links on this dashboard have been set up to automatically update each time you visit the page so that you always see the latest social media about the Aromatherapy niche.

You can find out how to use all the different niche dashboards on offer to you through the tutorials at our ‘How To Use This’ page.

Please note – As this dashboard includes live data from a number of popular Social Media sites there may be a short delay while the most up to date information is collected for you.

Social Conversations About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Social Conversations From Twitter

Social Bookmarks About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Social Bookmarks From Delicious

Click on the image below to see social bookmarks and material being shared socially about the Aromatherapy niche on Delicious. These can give you a good idea of the stories, images and other content that people in the niche are finding useful or worth sharing.

Aromatherapy Social Bookmarks From Diigo

Here are social bookmarks on Aromatherapy from Diigo. Instead of just bookmarking, Diigo allows you to highlight text and attach sticky notes to specific parts of web pages. Diigo highlights and sticky notes are persistent in the sense that whenever you return to the original web page, you will see your highlights and sticky notes superimposed on the original page, just what you would expect if you highlighted or wrote on a book.

Social Bookmarks For Aromatherapy From Folkd

The link below allows you to view the bookmarks for Aromatherapy other people have created on Folkd. What’s great about Folkd is that you can see which web materials have been bookmarked in the past day, week and month. You can also see the top rated bookmarks for the niche since the site started. This gives you a real insight into the sites, pages and materials you need to look at to be an expert source in the niche – without having to spend ages searching for it!

Website Social Bookmarks About Aromatherapy From Xmarks

Xmarks has been included as it focuses on actual websites rather than content. By using this site you can see the sites that have been rated by others as the best for the niche so you can immediately see what you would be competing against AND get ideas for your own business.

Social News About Aromatherapy

Social News About Aromatherapy From Reddit

Use the link below to catch up on the social news and general ‘buzz’ about the Aromatherapy niche form Reddit. Reddit offers you simple one click options to narrow your search within a niche as well as sort by age and relevance of the items shown.

Tech and Science Social News From Slashdot

The link below will show you any content that appears on the social news site Slashdot for the niche. Slashdot was one of the first social news websites ever created and is focused mainly on science and technology related news. Users can submit stories, and the editors pick out the best stories each day for the front page.

As the site has a bias towards science and technology please do not be surprised if all the niches we cover are not featured as it’s hard to find Science and Tech stories about everything.

Social Networking About Aromatherapy

Google Plus Posts About Aromatherapy

Using the link below will open up access to a search across Google Plus for the Aromatherapy niche. You can use this to monitor personal and business updates about the niche to see the circles, hangouts and posts that are being made and talked about. You can also use Google Plus to identify other people in the niche who you should speak with.

Faceboook Wall Posts About Aromatherapy Via IceRocket

Click on the image below to see all the very latest Facebook posts for the Aromatherapy niche set out in a niche specific format via IceRocket, a social media monitoring service.

FriendFeed Posts About Aromatherapy

Using the link below you can access Friendfeed to see all the very latest posts for the Aromatherapy niche.

Social Image & Video Sharing About Aromatherapy

Videos Shared On You Tube About Aromatherapy

Here are the latest videos being shared on You Tube about Aromatherapy. As the results are taken from our own video search tool you can also enter keywords into the search box at the top to see videos for other markets without leaving the page – saving you time and effort.

BTW – This tool is only available to members of the Dr Nitch community.

Images On Aromatherapy From Pinterest

Click on the image below to see the images being shared about the Aromatherapy niche from Pinterest users. This site features the images, pictures and illustrations that others have posted so that you can find the visuals being posted about this niche.


Images Shared On Flickr About Aromatherapy

Click on the image below to see the most up to date images and illustrations being shared about the aromatherapy niche on Flickr. These will give you the pictures and photographs that other people have uploaded and ‘tagged’ for the niche. You can use images, photos and other pictures to identify the themes, subjects and interests of those who are involved or interested in the niche.

Social Media Analytics On The Aromatherapy Niche

Aromatherapy Social Media From Topsy

Click on the image below to see Social Media results for the Aromatherapy niche from Topsy, a specialist social media monitoring service.

Aromatherapy Social Media Analytics

We’ve also included a link to the Topsy analytics tool which will provide you with trend information on the niche over time based on social media traffic and conversations. Just click on the image below to see analytics results for the Aromatherapy niche.

– If the dashboard is empty for any reason or if the results showing are not what you’d expect to see then PLEASE let us know immediately by contacting us
so that one of the Dr Nitch team can investigate and fix it.

If the dashboard is empty for any reason or if the results showing are not what you’d expect to see then PLEASE let us know immediately by contacting us
so that one of the Dr Nitch team can investigate and fix it.

*Photos used in Icon by user names Spencer E Holtaway, Birgerking, Intersection Consulting, Fredcavazza, Sean McColgan, Marc_Smith, Anne Helmond, Lee Traupel, Mmeiser2 and Marjolijn from Flickr available under a Creative Commons Attribution Commercial license.

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