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Welcome to the Aromatherapy Niche Market Products Dashboard

the Product Dashboard gives you access to a diverse mix of products and new ideas from across the niche.

All the sources of niche products on this dashboard have been chosen to give you a rapid heads up on product offers in the Aromatherapy niche. You can use these to find products to sell as an affiliate, to identify products to review or to spot ideas for new products you could create.

The contents of this dashboard have been set up to automatically update so that you always see the latest product ideas and information from the Aromatherapy niche.

Within the dashboard we’ve also included pre-programmed links to two other sources of product ideas. The first set are direct product links so that you are just one click away from seeing specialist product sites for the Aromatherapy niche market such as Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping amongst others.

The second set of product sources is at the bottom of the page and includes links to sites that specialize in crowd sourced funding and new innovations that are under development. These links will give you one click access to the very latest product ideas and inventions so you can easily comment and be seen as the expert in your chosen area of expertise.

You can find out how to use all the different niche dashboards on offer to you through the tutorials at our ‘How To Use This’ page.

Please note – As this dashboard includes live feeds from a number of sources there may be a short delay while the most up to date niche Product information is collected for you.

Aromatherapy Products

Amazon Aromatherapy Products

eBay Aromatherapy Product Auctions

Aromatherapy Products From Buzillions

Click on the image below to see products for the Aromatherapy niche from Buzillions. The Buzillions site is a product review site where all products are listed based on customer reviews. They have a multi-million number of reviews for the products they list so you can get ideas and information to use in your niche research, product development or to build your expert status.

Aromatherapy Products From Consumersearch

The image below links to the Consumersearch product search engine to provide you with product ideas from the Aromatherapy and related niche markets. Consumersearch is another product review site which covers thousands of products rated based on customer input.

However, the site also includes detailed editorial, buying guides and tips on what to look for across each product option they cover. If the site covers products from this niche you could use the information you see to guide your own writing, commenting and product development for your niche business.

Niche Products On Aromatherapy From Consumer Reports

Click on the image below to see product results for the Aromatherapy and related niche markets from the Consumer Reports site.

Consumer Reports have been providing impartial reviews of products and services since the 30’s. They publish sector and product type reviews so that features, performance, service and price can be compared. If this niche is featured in one of their reports you can research to see what things have been said and what subjects people are talking about.

If your niche isn’t covered by this site you should still look around and see how products are compared and rated by a recognized impartial source. What elements could you adapt to use in your own writing and reviews?

Aromatherapy Products From CNET

Click on the image below for product results for the Aromatherapy niche from CNET.

CNET covers technology products and is another great source of ideas, information and methods of how to comment, rate and review products and services for others. The results you’ll see on CNET from the link below will allow you to see what CNET and their millions of visitors are actually saying about products from the niche.

Aromatherapy Products From Google Shopping

Click on the image below for product results for the Aromatherapy niche from Google Shopping.

This service from Google is designed to allow shoppers to find products by keyword that they can buy either online OR nearby at a local outlet. By using the service customers are encouraged to compare prices, check stock availability and rank results based on different options.

Visiting the Google store will allow you to see which products are popular in the niche to aid your research and development processes.

Start Up Products And Innovations Sites

All the sites shared below cover the latest innovations, inspirations and ideas for new product concepts and reviews.

You should visit these sites regularly to make sure you can see some of the ideas and products that will be popular in the months and years ahead.

New Product Concepts From Angel List

Click on the image below for the latest new product concepts and ideas from the Angel List site. Angel List is a start up site where new ideas and concepts pitch for funding and support.

Rocket Hub New Product Ideas

Click on the image below for new product ideas and concepts from Rocket Hub which is a launchpad and community for independent artists and entrepreneurs. Rocket Hub is designed to be an community to help artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists raise or provide investment dollars. Can you find any ideas that are relevant to your niche that you could use, talk about or share?

Product Concepts From Indiegogo

Click on the image below for crowd sourced funding products and projects from Indiegogo.

Crowd funding covers such a wide mix of products, ideas, causes, campaigns, offers and innovative “stuff” that you’ll find a stack of ideas to use across your niche business. What you’ll find could make an article, a comment, something to share or the idea for a crowd sourced proposal of your own.

Product Launches From Kickstarter

Click on the image below to find product ideas on Kickstarter. Kickstarter is run as a crowd sourcing funding platform for creative projects and ideas. These range from films, games and music to art, design, and technology.

If the dashboard is empty for any reason or if the results showing are not what you’d expect to see then PLEASE let us know immediately by contacting us
so that one of the Dr Nitch team can investigate and fix it.

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