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Welcome to the Aromatherapy Niche Ideas Dashboard

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, if you’ve used the other niche dashboards and the step by step materials available to you in your members area then you should be in a position to start using the Aromatherapy niche for your business.

If you know your niche is going to be Aromatherapy but are not sure yet about how you are going to enter the market then this dashboard should help you come up with some ideas to just get started.

Please don’t spend all your time, money and effort getting things perfect – just start with a low risk, low cost ‘something’ in the Aromatherapy niche and progress from there. This dashboard is designed to stop you being stuck and to get something underway as soon as possible.

We’ve broken down the niche ideas into those where you don’t need any products at all and those that will build your long term business success. Feel free to pick and use any of the ideas according to your own levels of knowledge, skill and available resources.

You’ll see that there are only a few product ideas shown. This is deliberate as all our help and advice with others has shown that sharing too many ideas leads too easily to no action at all – and we just want you to progress.

‘Instant’ Aromatherapy Niche Products

These are specific products from the Aromatherapy niche you can add to your website to immediately start finding out what your customers want. Each option is available at no cost and with very little effort but can save you a fortune if your chosen market within the niche won’t buy.

eBay – The eBay Partner program will give you a virtually unlimited number of Aromatherapy related niche products to feature on your site which can be selected based on price, popularity and keyword allowing you to focus on specifics. The eBay program is a pay per click model and these clicks alone can show you which products customers in the Aromatherapy market are really interested in.

Amazon – Offering everything from digital books to physical products and equipment, the Amazon affiliate widgets will let you set up a whole variety of specific displays and adverts for the Aromatherapy niche. Coupled with your own reviews and suggestions about the market, Amazon is a quick and simple way to get products to sell without any heavy lifting, just a few clicks and a bit of cut and paste and you’re good to go.

Clickbank – Ideal for software and digital products, Clickbank can give you a rapid inventory of Aromatherapy products to promote and review for your niche. Although not all niches are covered with quality offers, Clickbank is a fast and easy way to test a niche and earn some rapid returns before you risk your own time and money.

Adsense – Google Adsense is another option that is no cost and easy to set up giving you Aromatherapy related advertising on your site based on the content you display.

Using any or all of these quick and easy ideas to get Aromatherapy niche products fast will help you prove your niche or business idea interests potential customers.

Once you know you can get visitors from your niche who click you can then progress to collecting emails and visitor details when you know it’s worth the time and effort.

Then when your niche is proven and customers click, buy and/or give you their email details you can progress to offering your own Aromatherapy related niche products. Here’s the most successful product models to try.

Your Own Aromatherapy Products

Digital or Real Books – You could take any specific problem or aspect that you’ve identified in the Aromatherapy niche and write a book about it. With the rise and rise of the Kindle, iPad and other tablet devices there is a huge market for specialist niche books that give readers the answers to the questions they have about Aromatherapy.

Audio or Video – If writing isn’t your thing you could do a series of short videos showing people how to solve common questions about Aromatherapy which could be placed on You Tube or iTunes. These short free videos or audios could then lead to a longer paid for solution.

Membership Site – If your niche is one where there is a regular demand for information or a thriving community where people like to share and discuss their interest in Aromatherapy then a membership site could be something to develop.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, if after using all the Dashboards you still struggle to carry out niche research and analysis or you simply can’t think of any ideas to turn into products then help is on the way….

Coming Soon – Ready Made Niche Research & Product Ideas!

We have under development three different solutions to provide you with ready made niche research & analysis, target market selection and product suggestions. They vary in complexity and cost so that you can choose the instant solution you require. Look out in the Members area for news of these being put live soon.


Niche Reviews

Dr Nitch’s Niche Market Reviews reveal key facts and niche product ideas for developing or promoting your own niche market products without delay.

Each Review includes Dr Nitch’s exclusive detailed niche analysis (DNA) rating and recommendations PLUS at least 5 new niche market or product ideas for your business.

Published Free to members of Dr Nitch, the Niche Market Reviews will give you a short, incisive analysis of the niche to help you develop your own products, sell someone else’s or look at markets you can move into today.


Niche Reports

Dr Nitch’s Niche Market Reports will include extensive research and detailed niche analysis into the niche market under review with easy to understand market analysis and ideas.

Each Niche Market Report will include at least 10 suggested niche markets or products for you to exploit.

Dr Nitch’s Niche Market Reports will be over 100 pages long and contain a wealth of relevant information AND analysis to enable you to enter a new niche market quickly.

Each report is made up of two distinct documents Part 1 – Niche Analysis and Part 2 – Niche Research. Each Niche Market Report will contain much more than the basic Niche Reviews to give you the information you require to access the specific niche.


Niche Analysis Packs

Dr Nitch’s Niche Market Analysis Packs will provide a comprehensive toolkit of resources based on extensive research and detailed niche analysis into the niche market under review.

Each Niche Market Analysis Pack includes at least 25 suggested niche market segments or products to utilize.

Dr Nitch’s Niche Market Analysis Packs will contain six different packages and contain a complete suite of relevant information, analysis and product development tools to enable you to build your own niche sites and products to enter a new niche market at light speed.

If the dashboard is empty for any reason then PLEASE let us know immediately by contacting us
so that one of the Dr Nitch team can investigate.

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