Quick Tip Competition

What quick tip or free resource do you have that you can share with other members?

Whatever your tip, resource, tool, video or site link you have in mind – if it would help other members save time, money or effort then please share it with everyone.

To enter this latest Dr Nitch members only contest, just post your entry to the members forum or complete the entry form below and tell us in words or with a link to a site or video your submission to the contest.

We’ll select the best from all the entries received and announce the winner once the competition is over.

In this contest we’re looking for tips or resources that are Free or low cost, that WORK and you yourself use all the time. NO AFFILIATE PROMOS will be considered. And the prize?


Well for this contest we’ve got some Amazon Vouchers to give away as prizes for what we consider the best entries sent in. There are three prizes on offer this time ranging from $60 to $20:

1st Prize = $60

2nd Prize = $30

3rd Prize = $20

Closing date for this particular contest is Midnight (Eastern Time) September 1st 2014.

If you looked at the Free Tools and Swipes zone in the members area and thought “I know a few useful tips and resources!” then you now have a GREAT reason to share it with others NOW instead of putting it off until tomorrow.

SOMEONE will win this contest so it might as well be you!

If you don’t know what our current Free Tools and Swipes include then……

Visit the Free Tools & Swipes Zone

This contest…

Gives you a reason to do it now…

Many of us know fantastic tips or resources that seem obvious to us as we know all about them but to others they could be just the missing piece to make a breakthrough. This type of contest provides a great reason to share what you know or have with others – without giving away your business secrets!

Provides you with a wealth of ideas…

Many times we see a tip or resource and say “That’s great! I wonder what other tips there are?”

With THIS contest you’ll have a way to see what ideas others come up with to share.

Lets you become ‘famous’…

The tips and resources submitted may well be offered to other members within the Dr Nitch site. If your tip or resource suggestion is used then you will be credited in the information we display with your name, picture and a link to your business. Although if you don’t want any publicity there’s no obligation to share your face or other info with the world.

Now that you know about this contest, go find your favourite tip or resource. It might SEEM obvious to you but to others????

Dr.Nitch Competition Entry Form – via the Forum

Just visit the members forum and post the details of your tip or suggestion making sure you put ‘Quick Tip Competition’ in your post. If you post to the forum you can share a link to a web page or video or just describe your tip using text – they all count!

We always monitor the before we check email so this will be your quickest option to enter.

Dr.Nitch Competition Entry Form – via Email

If you’d prefer to send in your entry using email then please use the form below. You can share a link to a web page or video or just type out your suggestion – they all count.


Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entry.


Dr Nitch

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