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#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, as a valued member of the Dr Nitch community you’re invited to request a review of your Product by Colin Stevens, ‘Dr Nitch’ personally.

Please complete the form below and your request will be sent directly to my office for review and feedback.

As you’ve been a member for a while you’ve been selected to receive this invitation only ‘extra’ benefit which is only offered to loyal members in good standing like yourself #SESSION.FIRSTNAME#.

If I offered such a service for sale (which I don’t) then given the time I spend on each review I would have to charge at least $499.

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Dr Nitch

Please Note!

You MUST complete all the details requested in the form below for your review to be carried out.

Once you submit the form your Product review will be handled in the order it was received at my office. I always try and carry out my analysis and provide feedback on Product Review requests within 7 days depending on my diary. However, I always give member requests my top attention regardless of what else I have going on.

Based on the information supplied in your request I may need to get in touch with you to ask a question or two so that I can give you my best input and feedback.

Please Note: Any Product submitted for review may be published in the future in any of Colin Stevens’s future publications as an example or case study along with the review and any advice or recommendations you’re provided with. So please don’t submit any materials that you are concerned about keeping confidential long term.

Product Review Request Form

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Yes! – Please review my Product using the information supplied above. I understand that I will be provided with feedback on the single product and/or service entered on this form. I’m also aware that this review offer will expire if my membership of is cancelled. I understand that my request may be published in the future as an example or case study. None of the materials supplied should be considered as confidential.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, if the form is not working for any reason (and you’ve filled in all the required fields) then let us know immediately by contacting us
so that one of the Dr Nitch team can investigate and fix it.

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