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#session.firstname#, welcome to the help section for your Niche Profiler Tool!

In this section you’ll find a guide to all the key elements that make the Profiler such a powerful tool to help your niche finding and analysis.

Once you’ve been through this guide have a go with the tool and see what you can find.

If you’ve then got any more questions on how to use this tool or ways to utilize the ideas you find then please send us a message on our

Selecting Your Niche Category

Your Niche Profiler comes with a built in set of over 1,000 pre-programmed niche markets for you to explore.

These niches are separated into key categories such as Health & Well Being or Lifestyle & Education which you can
pick from using the colored tabs at the top of the interface as shown in the image below.


To view the range of niches already programmed into the Niche Profiler Tool just click on the relevant category tab. Your list of available niches will appear down the left hand side of the page as indicated below.


Selecting Or Entering Your Niche

Accessing a niche is easy – just scroll through the category list and click on the niche you want to check out. Once you click your chosen niche is automatically selected as active and will show in the Active Niche Box as you can see in the image below.


If you want to use another niche of your own that is NOT on the provided lists you can just enter your own niche choice into the Active Niche Box, hit your enter key and the Niche Profiler will update to your selection.

Profiling Your Niche

All the links on the Profiler interface are instantly configured to your chosen niche market whenever a new niche is entered into the Active Niche Box or selected from the Category lists. Clicking any of the links displayed in the Profiler Resource bank will allow you to explore the Niche for information or content as described by each link.

Niche Profiler research links always open in a new window/tab (see notes below). This allows you to take advantage of tabbed browsing which most modern browsers provide – see the note below if this doesn’t work for you. Remember, a simple keyboard shortcut for closing tabs that are open is Ctrl + W.

*The links identified as Google + are special links that are designed to return fewer results that tend to be more relevant rather than every single page that may be even slightly relevant. Make sure you use these links in your niche profiling as they can be extremely useful and powerful.

Using Favorites

In addition to the built-in niches available, your Niche Profiler tool #session.firstname#, contains a Favorites feature that allows you to easily create a custom list of your favorite niche topics that you can access more quickly next time you visit!

A Niche can be added to your Favorites by first of selecting it to be the current topic displayed in the Active Niche Box, then clicking the Favorites button as indicated in the image below:


This will automatically add that niche market to your Niche Profiler Favorites as well as open the Favorites tab
(which displays the just added favorite as well as any you’ve previously added).

When the Favorites tab is active, you’ll also find buttons at the bottom of the topic list that allow you to delete one or all of your favorites at any time.

Using the Local Feature

For many niche markets an important aspect of research and expert status is based on knowing about the niche in a specific location. Using the Niche Profiler gives you an easy to use local niche resource tool via the Local Search option.

To find local niche resources just enter your US zip code (if you’re in the US) or your city, country (for example: Berlin,
Germany or Sydney, Australia) then click the Local link as shown in the link below:


This will open Google Maps, highlighting the local nice resources/services in the location you specified for the selected niche topic as you can see in the example below for Aromatherapy in Washington.


* Important notes and support info:

  • This application makes use of the Adobe Flash Player. If you experience any issues, please make sure you have the latest version of the player installed.
  • This application opens links in a new window. If links aren’t opening, please make
    sure you have configured your pop-up blocker to allow this site to open new windows
    . If you need help
    with this, the following searches will point you to the information you need: For Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome.
  • In a few rare cases, due to a bug within the Flash Player, links will not open at all within the
    Firefox browser. This is a known bug (known by Adobe). This issue should be fixed soon, as a result of an
    update to the Flash Player. Please make sure you have the latest version of the player installed. If you do, and links still don’t open,
    please use a different browser for now, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer,
    Opera, or Safari.
  • This application uses what are commonly called ‘Flash cookies’ in order to save your Favorites
    data. There are some browsers, and computer cleaner-type software tools out there that will delete this data
    file during it’s ‘cleaning’, or cache emptying process. To prevent this from happening, set your browser, or
    cleaner software to leave Flash cookies alone.

If you’ve got any question on how to use this tool or ways to utilize the ideas you find then please send us a message on our

Don’t forget, if the Niche Profiler tool is not working for any reason or if the results showing are not what you’d expect to see then let us know immediately by contacting us
so that one of the Dr Nitch team can investigate and fix it.

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