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If you want to find out what options you have for running a guerrilla marketing campaign what are the elements you can use?

In this article we briefly outline a few top guerilla tactics. But first of all – why use Guerilla Marketing tactics anyway for your business?

Guerilla Marketing involves using fast, different, quirky and gatecrash techniques to make a brand, product or special offer stand out at speed.

Interestingly though, the rise and rise of Guerilla tactics since the onset of social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube has meant that they are now almost considered mainstream rather than out on the extremes of brand and sales promotion.

Here’s a brief overview guide to the main tools and techniques you can use.

Tool #1 – Achieving perfect surprise

The element of surprise allows your promotion to make an impact by catching your audience unawares – it also catches out your competition. Surprise and unexpected delivery are all part of the guerrilla marketing ‘way’ so try and keep your ideas and plans to yourself so that you can achieve maximum impact when your campaign goes live.

Tool #2 – Flash Mobs

Easily shared, communicated and accessible by virtually all thanks to social media, Flash Mobs or instant gatherings are one of the most popular forms of Guerilla marketing in use today. Whatever your message, your product or your campaign a Flash Mob can be the perfect delivery mechanism to get your business noticed in a hurry.

Tool #3 – Video

Simple to produce, low cost to create and with the social power of YouTube on tap it’s no wonder that online video is the latest great wonder of the business age.

Video allows you to communicate very powerfully, very quickly and very dynamically with your audience. The range of subjects and themes to carry your message is infinite although we wouldn’t recommend you do anything with cola and mints as that’s been done before.

Tool #4 – Stickers & Bumpers

This tool can be rolled out and delivered anywhere at any time through the use of buttons, stickers, freebies and branded goods. Works well at any event where there’s an opportunity to bulk deliver your message such as conferences, seminars or appropriate exhibitions. A great way to put your brand in front of folks and promote a special offer, discount or new launch.

Most people who attend events are only too keen to get something for nothing and any freebie gives you a chance to ‘talk’ to your potential customer long after the presenters sales pitches have blurred into one long speech after the event.

Tool #5 – Attention Seeking

Dressing up is fun to do, especially if you’ve got a brand or product that suits such an approach. Anything that lets you stand out will give you a chance for your message or campaign to reach your intended audience.

So try and plan how you could use yourself, your friends or professional promotional staff to grab some attention for your business. This might be an old and well used tactic – but that’s because it works.

Tool #6 – Takeover

Perhaps the most controversial of guerrilla tactics but perfect if you don’t mind who you offend in the process! The takeover tool involves infiltrating or crashing an event where you know your target audience will be attending.

Think conferences or seminars where you can put your message or pull some stunt that will get you noticed real quick. But be careful who you pick on and how you do this as you might just find yourself on the end of legal action if you really upset someone else’s event.

For more information on guerilla marketing tactics or for in depth walkthroughs on how to run a guerilla marketing campaign why not take a look at one of these books on the subject?

If you have any questions based on the content of the article then just post a question in the Members Forum and we’ll be happy to help.

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