Niche Marketing – Understanding consumer behaviour

Can you give your customers too much of a good thing?

In this article I want to talk about the negative impact of giving too many options or choices to your customers and how to make sure your offer is pitched just right.

This is an important subject for your business success as experts in consumer behaviour have frequently outlined how giving customers too much choice can be a bad thing if you want to actually sell successfully.

That’s not to say giving a choice is bad but only that once they reach your offer you need to make sure you don’t give customers too many choices to make.

As consumers, if we have too much to choose from, at some point we simply give up and decide not to choose at all so it really is in the best interests of you and your business to make decision making easy for your customers.

If you’re looking for a solution you might be in a hurry so too many options or choices actually becomes annoying. Other times you have the time but not the expertise on a subject and too many offers can become ‘white noise’ when you just want the easy option.

So as you construct your free gifts, bonuses and sales offers make sure you always aim for the so-called no brainer option so that your customers can make an easy and confident one click decision.

Aside from too many options you also have to watch out for the emotions of your potential customers. Experts in consumer behaviour have identified
that emotions play a big part in customers sifting too many choices.

These emotional triggers include emotions such as 

  • What if I make the wrong choice?
  • My decision was wrong – if only I’d bought the other one
  • What’s the cost to me if I end up making no choice at all?
  • I’d like to choose more than I can from what’s available

So in the end this may be why stores such as Wal Mart and Amazon
succeed. They make you feel good at a price point level as you pay discount
prices but they also make customers glow through only offering a limited or
personalised choice making the decision process for customers that much easier
and quicker.

We all know this is true – the one page sales letter, the limited
personalized recommendations offered to you by Amazon or the short menus in all
the leading coffee bars or the ‘One Click’ button.

If you want to be more successful AND reduce the number
of refund requests you receive from customers you need to be sure you offer:

  • Quality
  • Fair value
  • And above all else a limited choice or personalised recommendation whenever you offer your customers an option

Don’t let a customers regret with their purchase become your disputed transaction nightmare. Make the decision easy, make the sale easy and make sure that you follow up the purchase with help and advice and the answers to any questions to embed in your customer the fact that they made a wise and sensible choice.

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