Niche Marketing Ideas From Your Competitors Websites

Did you know you can use your competitors websites as a great source of niche ideas?

Here’s how to get started checking out the competition to source ideas that you can use.

If you have a general topic in mind, try searching on Google for a basic keyword, for example ‘cake decorating’. Google search results will then show you a mix of results based on the country you do the search from.

As you can see in the image a lot of the results are UK based as that is where I was when I ran this particular search.


Alongside the main results you also need to pay close attention to the ads that show down the right hand side of the results page. These will give you more ideas on the competition in the niche and what they offer.


To get a good cross section of the market you’ll need to take a look at the top ten sites that show in the search results AND visit the top five sites that are advertising.

When you visit each site take a note of:

  • wording used for the site in the Google search results
  • the site domain name
  • what the site offers
  • color scheme and design
  • headlines and sales copy
  • products offered and prices
  • whether they operate an affiliate scheme
  • any free resources offered

Once you’ve visited these sites and made your notes you’ll have a good idea about what types of products and services are being distributed within the niche.

You should also have a good selection of niche ideas to add to your review list plus maybe some ideas for how you could do things better?

It’s really vital that you check out the competition before you start doing any work on a niche to make sure it’s a market you can live with and have a chance of winning against those already there.

So look at the competition and start to think about what you could do that would be both more specific and provide customers with some something that stands out.

So using Facebook as an example in a ridiculously crowded market don’t think about being a ‘General’ social media expert but be the expert in how to X with Facebook. This could be to use Facebook to get leads, friends, customers, noticed by the media, in fact anything specific – just please, please, please DON’T BE A GENERAL!!


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