Niche Marketing Glossary – T


The Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Glossary provides an easy to understand explanations of words, terms and acronyms in common use throughout the world of niche marketing and business both on and offline.

In this section of the niche marketing glossary we cover the ‘T’s’ featuring everything from ‘Tagging’ through to ‘Traffic Exchange’.

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Dr Nitch’s Niche Marketing Glossary – T


Tagging: It’s the act of labelling content by the user in order for other user’s to find the type of content being searched more easily. (Social or Web2.0 sites)

Taguchi Method: Describes a method to quality control test that was developed by Genichi Taguchi; focuses on improving the quality at the design stage.

Target Audience: This is what the advertiser designs their advertising message for, an age group or demographic.

Targeted: The term ‘targeted’ means a description of keywords intended for a certain customer base.

Text Ad: An advertisement that is made up of a headline, description, destination URL and display URL; the most common form of advert displayed on Google.

Text Link: You place this hyperlink within your website’s content that could link to another website, document or another internal page. This is a popular and highly profitable form of affiliate marketing.

Text Link Advertising: Describes paid advertising using a URL and text copy without any images.

Theme: Term for a package of files that can be used to customise your blog’s appearance. It includes several pre-made themes and also the ability for users to design their own.

Time Management: Means setting priorities to complete tasks and meet your goals.

TOS: Terms of Service. This is an agreement between an affiliate and merchant or a paid search engine which specifies what the affiliate is allowed to do when marketing and advertising.

Tracking: A term to describe the recording of information about leads, clicks, sales and any other action taken by a visitor on the page; this is usually done with unique links/URLs or cookies.

Traffic: Describes the flow of visitors on the Internet to your website or other pages.

Traffic Exchange: When webmasters view each other’s websites in an exchange of traffic.

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