Niche Marketing Glossary – P


The Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Glossary provides an easy to understand explanations of words, terms and acronyms in common use throughout the world of niche marketing and business both on and offline.

In this section of the niche marketing glossary we cover the ‘P’s’ featuring everything from ‘Page Rank’ through to ‘Publishers’.

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Dr Nitch’s Niche Marketing Glossary – P


Page Rank (PR): Technically, this is how Google decides how valuable a page is but ‘Page Rank’ not PageRank is how high a page appears in Google’s search result listings.

Page Views: This is also called ‘Impressions’ and means how many people view a page.

Paid Search: This type of contextual advertising is where owners pay a fee for advertising to have their website placed top on search engine result pages. This is usually based on click-throughs or advert views.

Paid Traffic: Targeted advertising; it’s easily obtainable and only limited by your budget. Some examples: PPC, newspaper adverts, television, magazines, billboards etc.

Parasite ware: A black hat affiliate marketer uses this technology to remove the ability of another affiliate to compete by redirecting or changing an affiliate link.

Partnership: This type of business is formed with two partners.

Pay per Click: This is a form of advertising online where you pay a fee to display your advert on a search engines site when related keywords are searched for. The amount of this fee is assessed each time the advert is clicked on.

Pay per Lead: This describes a program that allows you to pay a ‘bounty’, a straight fee for each qualified lead that is provided by you through your affiliate link.

Pay per Review: Affiliates are paid by marketers to write a review of their product and send visitors to the merchant’s site to complete the sale.

Pay per Search: This is similar to pay per click: the difference being that you are paid when a visitor to your website searches the web using the search box on your web page.

Pay-To-Surf: This system allows a company to place adverts on member’s screens and then they get paid a percentage of advertising earnings.

PayPal: An ecommerce business that facilitates payments over the Internet. An account-based system, PayPal allows anyone with an email address to send and receive online payments securely, using either their bank account or a credit card.

PNG: Portable Network Graphics. PNG files are image types, usually smaller than GIFs but of a greater size than JPEGs. This is because PNG compression never loses image quality.

PPC: Pay per Click. This is a form of advertising online where you pay a fee to display your advert on a search engines site when related keywords are searched for. The amount of this fee is assessed each time the advert is clicked on.

PPC Advertising Networks: This describes a company or a service that sells advertising space for PPC, like Microsoft AdCenter.

PPC Campaign: This online advertising model is used on search engines, advertising networks, and content sites where a fee is paid after the advert has been clicked.

Premium Autoresponders: These forms of auto responders are serviced by companies that are specialised in email deliverability. It is usually offered for a monthly fee.

Presales (Pre-selling): This describes promoting a product in the form of written reviews, anecdotes. Therefore you are building it up through your recommendation in a misleading way, instead of a hard sell. Typical presales copy describes the product in a flattering way, explains how it is beneficial to people, and relates stories about the people the product has helped previously.

Presales copy: This form of copy promotes a product using reviews, anecdotes, and related content, instead of a hard sell, like a television advert. Presales copy includes a description of the product, an explanation of how it can benefit people, and stories of when the product has helped people.

Product: A term to describe a good or service that can be bought and sold.

Product Creatives: These are ready made images, banners, graphics, and similar promotional content created for an affiliate offer.

Publishers: A person who publishes affiliate banners and links on the web, in terms of affiliate marketing. This term is similar to “affiliate” or affiliate marketer.” Also refers to those who create and publish products, books or other information products.

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