Niche Marketing Glossary – O


The Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Glossary provides an easy to understand explanations of words, terms and acronyms in common use throughout the world of niche marketing and business both on and offline.

In this section of the niche marketing glossary we cover the ‘O’s’ featuring everything from ‘Off Page’ through to ‘Organic Search’.

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Dr Nitch’s Niche Marketing Glossary – O


Off Page: This usually refers to the building of links or other promotional efforts on sites that aren’t owned by you.

Off-Page SEO: Any action taken on any site that isn’t yours that will increase the rankings and results of your page because of the keywords you’ve chosen.

Off-Site Analytics: These are measurements of how successful your off-site activities are regarding the promotion of your site over the internet.

On Page: This refers to any techniques used on your page to optimize results, like entering keywords into tags.

On-Page SEO: This refers to changes to the content of your site to optimize results and increase the search engine results ranking of your page.

On-Site Analytics: Describes the measurable metrics of your web page’s activity.

Online Community: The bringing together people of a similar interest through a website that creates a sense of belonging through the common interest.

Open Relay: This type of web server is frequently used by spammers because it allows them to ‘hide’ and ignore any blocks against them.

Opening Paragraph: In a web sales copy, this is the first thing the visitor will read. It should include your key words or key phrases and make the reader want to read more.

OPM: Outsourced Program Management. This is a company that is hired by a merchant to administer his affiliate marketing program and they act on behalf of the merchant.

Opt Out: When a person wants to be removed from a mailing list this is the action they have to take.

Opt-In: This is how to sign up to an email list. The primary activity of email affiliates is to build up and market to an opt-in list.

Opt-In Box: This is a box on a website where in order to elect to receive emails from your company a customer must provide their email address.

Opt-In Pop-Up: This technique opens a Windows-style pop-up that tells the user to click ‘OK’ if they’d like to subscribe. Their email program then opens a blank window ready to send a blank subscribe message to the auto responder.

Opt-Out: Recipients of your emails can unsubscribe from your mailing list by this option.

Organic Search: This is also known as natural search, where listings in search engine results pages appear because they are relevant to the terms searched, not because of advertisements.

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