Niche Marketing Glossary – N


The Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Glossary provides an easy to understand explanations of words, terms and acronyms in common use throughout the world of niche marketing and business both on and offline.

In this section of the niche marketing glossary we cover the ‘N’s’ featuring everything from ‘Natural Search’ through to ‘Niche’.

If there is a term you don’t understand and would like us to give you an explanation and add to our niche marketing glossary then please contact us or send us a message on our and post your message there.


Dr Nitch’s Niche Marketing Glossary – N


Natural Search: This is also known as organic search, where the listing that appear in search engine results pages are there because they are relevant to the key words searched, not because of advertisements.

Network: A term that describes an organisation that administers the affiliate program for a merchant. These networks assist the setting up of Internet accounts, tracking systems and payment methods and then match merchants with affiliates. They also provide services like upload/download areas for banner adverts and other promotional resources.

Networking: The process of creating and maintaining mutually beneficial informational relationships.

Niche: This term simply explained is a small segment of a broader market.

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