Niche Marketing Glossary – A


The Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Glossary provides an easy to understand explanations of words, terms and acronyms in common use throughout the world of niche marketing and business both on and offline.

In this section of the niche marketing glossary we cover the ‘A’s’ featuring everything from ‘A/B Testing’ through to ‘Average Response Value’.

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Dr Nitch’s Niche Marketing Glossary – A


A/B Testing: This term describes split testing, which involves simultaneously running two adverts for one campaign and then comparing the results to identify the advert with the highest click through rate.

Ad Group: Combines adverts that are targeted at a selection of keywords or placements. In relation to Google AdWords, the advertiser sorts all keywords to be used in the campaign into two or more groups and designs adverts for the specific groups. For example, there would be a specific ad for the “children’s shoes” Ad Group and another for the “School Shoes” Ad Group. To divide each group in more detail, brand names could be addressed (Clarks shoes, Stead and Simpson Shoes etc). There would then be a separate Ad Group for each brand. The keywords in one group are more closely related than the general keywords for the campaign.

AdSense: A web owner uses this program to place Google adverts on their site and be paid a small amount by Google every time the advert is clicked on through their site.

AdSense Arbitrage (Garbitrage): This is where low-cost paid search adverts and purchased and pushing the advertising towards websites that have a large number of high-paying Google AdSense adverts.

Adware: The main purpose of Adware is to display adverts based on the behaviour of the user of the computer that this software program is invisibly installed on, without the said user’s knowledge or permission.

AdWords Editor: This is a downloadable application that is free and for the purpose of managing your Google Ad Words account. This application allows you to download your account, complete changes and upload revised campaigns when you’ve finalised your changes.

Affiliate: A salesperson for services, products or offers by merchants who, by placing a program’s link on their website, earn money. Commissions or additional revenue are earned when their visitor makes a purchase or completes a qualified action. The merchant’s affiliate program agreement binds affiliates to the terms and conditions set in the agreement.

Affiliate agreement: This agreement is legally binding between a merchant and an affiliate. It states the terms governing how payments are made.

Affiliate Arbitrage: This refers to a way of using paid search to promote affiliate products. This involves buying an advert for quite a cheap keyword to produce a sale for a greater profit.

Affiliate Commissions: This is the fee paid to an affiliate, usually a percentage per sale. Affiliate Directory: A list of affiliate offers in an online directory.

Affiliate Link: A link that shows you as the affiliate who directed the potential customer to a merchant’s website.

Affiliate Manager: This is the person in charge who manages affiliates and a business or network’s affiliate programs.

Affiliate Network: A term that describes a third-party company that offers to track and report utilities that facilitate the relationship between the merchant and affiliate. These networks assist the setting up of Internet accounts, tracking systems and payment methods and then match merchants with affiliates. An Affiliate Network company helps affiliate marketers who are searching for merchant products to promote.

Affiliate Offer: A campaign or promotion that is specific for a product or service that gets affiliate commissions.

Affiliate Program: Affiliates are provided with links, payment processing and tracking tools through this administrative system. The majority of this is automated.

Affiliate Site: A site that sells other company’s or merchant’s products to gain a commission from successful sales through their promotion.

Affluent: Someone who is financially able to purchase products and services.

Akismet: This is a standard blog plug-in received from Word Press installations which helps with both human and computer generated comment spam through comment flagging using words, phrases and domains that are typical of spam messages.

Alexa: Alexa Internet was founded in April 1996 with a vision of web navigation that would constantly improve in intelligence with user participation and has developed millions of toolbars, one of the largest crawlers and a structure that processes huge amounts of data.

Alexa Rank: A service that is a web toolbar providing webmasters with Alexa site traffic data.

Algorithms: This term describes the mathematical formula used by search engines to determine the ranking order of sites based on a specific search through the engine. They regularly change their algorithms to improve the quality of the results which is why SEO needs monitoring and constant research.

Alta Vista: This was one of the first search engines owned by Digital. It is now a popular search engine owned by Yahoo.

Amazon: This major site on the internet sells many different types of merchandise.

Analytics: This allows you to gain an understanding on a variety of activity related to your website and online marketing activities. By using analytics, you can optimise your campaigns, keywords, advert groups to achieve your business goals.

Anchor: This is a word, phrase or image that is ‘clickable’ and links to another site or page.

Anchor Text: This text has an embedded link that provides your visitors with helpful information about what the page that you’re linking to contains. It also tells search engines about the page which can increase your rankings in search engines, particularly Google.

AOL: American On-line. This began as a closed network content provider so only AOL subscribers had access to any AOL content. However, they now offer email and internet access that can be parentally controlled as well as subscriber only content.

Apache: A free, open source web sever software system spread on UNIX, Linux, Windows and other operating system/system types. A variant of apache powers Google Analytics’ admin system.

API: Application Programming Interface.

ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

Applet: This is an application program which allows a user to view simple animations on web pages. It is written in Java.

ARPA: Advanced Research Project Agency. This is U.S Department of Defence agency that built ARPAnet, which was the precursor of the internet, with several leading universities.

Article Directories: These sites collect and organise articles into easily searchable directories which allows the authors to provide a resource box that includes a link to their site.

Article Marketing: This method is a specific way of promoting your website over the internet by writing original articles. These are spread to syndication sites and repositories that will provide links to your site via the author’s resource box, whilst also allowing others to reprint your articles. This means you gain more publicity for your site and your image as an authority in your niche is developed.

Article Syndication: When an article is published to services that allow others to use and redistribute the content.

Article Syndication Sites: This describes sites that have large repositories of articles for people who are searching for information. They can be searching for either the information or for content which these sites allow to be reused for appropriate reference and link to author’s website in exchange.

Ask Jeeves: This is Meta search engine that allows searchers to type questions.

ASP: Microsoft’s Active Server Pages. This is also known as the Application Service Provider.

ASPX: Microsoft Active Server Page Framework.

Auditor: Describes a third-party company who verifies a web site’s advert reporting system or tracks verifies and counts advert banner requests.

Authority Site: This is a high ranking website in search engines that is typically very large, with over hundreds of posts or pages of content included within it.

Auto responder: This service specialises in the housing and protection of email lists as well as also sending mailings to the lists using the auto responder’s services.

Avatar: A term to describe a digital representation of a user in virtual reality web site.

Average Page Depth: Describes the average amount of pages that visitors view during one visit to a site.

Average Response Value: Calculated as total revenue divided by total clicks, this is the average revenue value of each click by a user or visitor.

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