Niche Market Idea – Magazines

Australia’s love affair with magazines – why there’s a story there for the niche marketer and some niche markets that should not be missed.
It’s official – Australians are avid lovers of magazines with official figures showing that on average over a third of over 14’s buy and read at least five different magazine titles.
Australians spend more on magazines than they do on
Cinema visits, software and video games put together!

Across the country there are an estimated 4,500 titles available with the bulk of sales going to a core group of 25 titles with a circulation over 100,000.

Another key difference between the magazine market in Australia compared to here in the US or Canada and the UK is that over 90% of magazine purchases are made in local stores rather than through a discounted subscription (Here in the US or in Canada nearly 85% of magazines are bought through subscription).


Niche Market Idea – Niche Magazine Ideas

For the product developer and searcher of niche markets this circulation data means that
there are literally thousands of special interest magazines supporting the
viable niche interests of readers.


Igoring the big obvious markets like womens interests, current affairs and TV
listings here are some of the niche markets supported by successful magazine
titles that you shouldn’t overlook when thinking of new product ideas to consider.

  • Buying and selling boats
  • Scrapbooking
  • Investing in real estate
  • Four wheel drive
  • Offroad cars and bikes
  • Quilting and patchwork
  • Wine
  • Motorbikes

Now the list isn’t exactly a specialist list of micro markets BUT it is another reminder that niche market ideas can come from sources outside of just last month’s search data.

And remember – these are consistent niches with successful print publications supporting them so think around each subject for an angle or ideas on how you could target specific products to harness the demand that’s there. Here’s some examples for the Boats market:

    Buying and selling boats

  • How to do it
  • Setting up your own boat trading business
  • Setting up Ebay listings or paper adverts for those looking to sell
  • Where and when to find low priced boats
  • How to negotiate the best price (for buyers and sellers),

We’ll be covering most of these macro Niche markets in detail in upcoming DNA Reports.


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