Niche Market Idea – Home Grown Food

Figures from garden publications and seed merchants
show that demand for growing fruit and vegetables has soared amongst young
professional women and young moms in recent years.

Historically gardening amongst those with money – those that do it for fun
rather than survival – has been the preserve of the older generation with a bias
towards growing flowers such as orchids or the rose.

The increase in demand for food gardening has been put down to concerns about
GM crops, healthy diets and a desire to know exactly what is in the food put on
the table. The idea of fresh air and being closer to nature have also played a
big part in the green fingered revolution..

So if you don’t know your iceberg from your kohl rabi now’s a good time to
get with the program.

Home Grown Food

Unlike many other trends this one is big, smart and not a short term fashion
but a major lifestyle shift. For the product developer there’s a whole stack of
related products that could be developed together with opportunities for the
targeted promotion of real products such as books, tools etc.

We think the real gold in this market will be simple, quick and easy to implement how to videos and books
that provide some real answers and information on the subject in specific focussed areas.

Why? Because garden books,
magazines and TV shows are general and superficial ON PURPOSE to appeal to as wide an audience
and advertisers as possible.

Here’s our list of suggested titles and themes for more specific products with big appeal to this market for you to consider:

  • Planting with the seasons or the moon
  • Best Friends – Companion planting for better results
  • Planning your plot for year round food
  • Little wonders – plants and insects to fascinate your kids
  • Sumptuous salads
  • Growing herbs, salads, food in your yard/windowsill/a bucket
  • Past Pests – make sure its you that eats your produce
  • Simply flowers – how to scent and colour your home natures way

This market branches out in many directions giving you massive potential for
related products to your customers, portals of related information or even a
subscription site of useful articles and information.

Related products could include:

  • Organic gardening
  • Natures friends – how to attract friendly insects and animals to protect
    your garden

    And we haven’t even touched on healthy herbs, Chickens in your back yard or
    cooking home grown food………

    We’ll be covering the Niche sector of gardening in detail in an upcoming DNA

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