Niche Ideas From You

It’s all too easy to look outside of ourselves to try and find ideas for niche products and markets we could work with.

But all too often some of the very best ideas are actually those which we hold inside us – simply because of who we are, what we do, our interests and most important of all our life experiences of living, working and helping others.

Even if you end up going in an entirely different direction, the easiest place to start looking for niche ideas is with your own interests and background.

So you’re probably wondering what it is about you that’s so special or so worthy of developing a niche product about?

Well, if you look at all of the aspects of your life that you can extract potential niche ideas from you’ll see what a good starting point this is if you’ve never done niche idea research before.

The questions that follow in this article will help you to list the things you’ve done or can do that help other people who might not have the same knowledge or experience as you. Think of the problems, questions and challenges you’ve faced and where you could help others in the same situation especially in areas of life such as business, money, health or relationships.

Above all else remember that just because something seems obvious and easy to you – it won’t to others who lack that knowledge or skill!

Knowledge you have

What do you know?

Being an active member of society throughout your life provides you with knowledge about all sorts of subjects. Whether you’ve been to college or university, have a specialism or learnt at the school of hard knocks, the knowledge you’ve accumulated can be put to use in your niche marketing.

Some things to think about for your niche ideas list include:

  • political knowledge

  • history

  • scientific information

  • technical knowledge

  • how to get a wine stain out of the carpet

  • how to hook up an HDTV

  • using a digital camera or tablet computer

  • how to…


Your hobbies

What interests you?

That should be your first question when developing a list of potential niche ideas.

So – What does interest you?

Look at what you do during your spare time.

Do you like to read?

Add that to your list.

Watch TV?

Put that on the list as well.

Sports and other pastimes qualify too no matter what they are or how infrequently you get to do them.

And just to give you an idea of how many niches can be drawn from this area alone, remember that some common aspects to your life can be the starting point for several detailed niche ideas.

Some things to consider for your niche ideas list and jog your memory are:

  • pets

  • home decorating

  • musical instruments

  • childcare

  • illnesses

  • vacations and trips

  • technology

  • how you…

Jobs you’ve done

What do you do?

What have you done at work during your career?

All of your previous jobs are a valuable resource of potential niche topics. Do you work in building? There’s some niche potential. Did you once work as a team leader? There’s niche potential there, too.

The jobs you’ve held have taught you many things. Some things to think about for your niche ideas list include:

  • interviews you’ve given or attended

  • work skills courses

  • unemployment or being laid off

  • office etiquette

  • travel tips

  • coping with meetings, bosses, paperwork, colleagues

Try to think about what’s unique about your places of employment and what other people might want to know about it.

Of course we’re talking skills, knowledge and how to do things here not the content for another wiki leaks site!

Skills you possess

What can you do? What sorts of skills have you picked up over the years?

  • Can you type 100 words per minute?

  • Are you great with a soldering iron?

  • Are you a bit of a quiz expert?

All of these things can be considered useful skills that others may have an interest in finding more about.

Try to think of your abilities and how they can be used to benefit others.

Some things to think about for your niche ideas list include:

  • computer skills

  • things others always ask you to do for them

  • thoughts or sayings you’ve always lived by

  • things you used to do that time now prevents

Your life experiences

What about you is unique?

Think of the various aspects of your life and the experiences you’ve lived through or observed. Think of where you stand in society. What aspects of these experiences could be related to others?

Your age, ethnic group, cultural background and family can all provide ample niche material.
Some things to think about for your niche ideas list include:

  • work for school boards, committees or fund raising groups

  • work for voluntary groups

  • being a parent

  • being a child of an elderly relative

  • getting married, divorced, bankrupt or giving birth

  • how you coped or dealt with…

If you think any of the above wouldn’t make a good niche marketing product then please take a look at a site solely based on the skills and life experiences of Tim the builder being shared with others.


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