Niche Ideas From Wiki Sites

Wiki Sites

Wikipedia is a wonderful thing as it’s fast and a very easy way to find out information. For instance, whenever I want to know what film or TV show an actor has appeared in before or the history of some random event, I hit Wikipedia.

But when I say “wiki” I’m not just talking about the Wikipedia we’ve all come to know and love. I’m also talking about user-generated sites outside of the main Wikipedia site.

There are wikis for all sorts of subjects that go into great detail.

There are wikis on all sorts of topics these days. Why not perform a search on Google for your favorite subject and include the word “wiki” to see what you come up with?

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, browse some of these sites and see what sorts of ideas you can come up with. You’d be surprised by the information you’ll find that can spawn excellent niche ideas.

For instance, after seeing a TV ad I went on Google and searched for “World of Warcraft Wiki” and found there is even a wiki for ‘World of Warcraft’, with loads of information at WowWiki.

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